Enjoy Breakfast On-the-Go With These Vegan Raspberry Muffins

Enjoy Breakfast On-the-Go With These Vegan Raspberry Muffins

Looking for an easy vegan recipe to make for breakfast on-the-go? Look no further than these egg- and dairy-free raspberry muffins.

These vegan raspberry muffins are so amazing, yet the recipe is super simple! I really can’t get enough. That is probably because raspberry is my favorite fruit. And it’s my recipe. Okay, I realize my opinion is 100 percent biased. But still, these vegan raspberry muffins are everything and more.

Also, if you want some variety, you can make this recipe again and switch out the raspberries for chocolate chips, blueberries, or whatever your heart desires. I decided to use frozen raspberries for this vegan raspberry muffins recipe because they are cheaper. Plus, I always have them in my freezer. It makes the recipe more user-friendly. But, they would be equally amazing with fresh raspberries!

This recipe only calls for a handful of ingredients. These include the basics like flour, sugar, baking powder, and coconut oil. Plus, almond milk, vanilla extract, salt, and—of course—lots of raspberries.

Take these muffins to-go for breakfast, or indulge in them as an afternoon treat. Whichever way you decide to eat them—I hope you like ’em!


Additional Recipes

In the mood for some more delicious vegan muffin recipes? Then try making these vegan spelt muffins with blackberry coconut frosting. This recipe uses dairy-free yogurt in place of eggs. The muffins are also infused with herbal tea!

Or, how about vegan banana oat crepes? Enjoy this recipe any time of the day—even for dessert! The recipe features oat and buckwheat flour, almond milk, a banana, maple syrup, salt, grapeseed oil, vanilla extract, and coconut oil. It’s so easy to make.

For a heartier breakfast, make my vegan tofu breakfast scramble. My recipe has a texture that is incredibly similar to chicken eggs, especially if you use firm tofu. This is because it dries out very easily. To give the scramble a taste similar to eggs, you can use black salt. Serve it with your favorite breakfast sides like meatless sausages and toast.

This recipe was republished with permission from Everyday Vegan Food.