Brian May Just Launched a Vegan Fragrance to Help Save Wildlife

World-renowned musician Brian May is known globally as the lead guitarist of Queen. But music isn’t his only passion. The rockstar also cares deeply about animals. He’s now turned his talented hand to a rather fragrant way of raising money for them; he’s releasing a brand new vegan perfume.

Together with Anne Brummer, May founded the wildlife-focused Save Me Trust more than a decade ago. Called Save Me, the new fragrance will help to raise money for the charity.

Xerjoff Group is launching the new perfume.

Sergio Momo, the CEO and creative director of Xerjoff Group, said in a statement: “Actively participating in the defense of animal rights with Xerjoff Spray to Help is an honor as well as a duty.”

He added that working with May and Brummer is a “privilege.”

“It’s a wonderful experience marked by the sensitivity and love towards animals that we all should have and actively get engaged in,” he added.

The Save Me Trust works to give European wild animals “a voice.” Its mission is to help combat all of the human-caused issues that affect them, including the climate crisis, habitat destruction, and pollution.

‘Compassion Has Never Smelled So Sweet’

The new perfume, which has notes of pink pepper, jasmine, and camomile, features images of a badger and a fox on the packaging, two common wild mammals in the UK.

In a statement published on the Save Me Trust’s website, May said he is “excited about the unique collaboration” between the charity and the Xerjoff Group.

The company, which owns Xerjoff, Casamorati, Kemi, and runs digital platform Xerjoff Universe, is a leader in luxury perfumery.

The new perfume is part of its “Spray to Help” mission, which aims to “promote significant improvements in the way the world addresses territory and community.”

Momo, who May describes as a “great friend,” designed the new wildlife-focused perfume himself. The musician noted: “Compassion has never smelled so sweet.”

The new Save Me perfume is available from Xerjoff Universe for €235.00 per 50ml bottle.