London’s Brick Lane to Host New Vegan Night Market

With a vegan shipping container which gives celebrities the munchies, the debut of By Chloe, and a whole host of other veg-friendly spots you could say that London couldn’t get any better for vegans. Well, you’re wrong thanks to the new vegan night market that’s set to hit Brick Lane!

Notoriously popular with the edgy and artistic crowds in London, Brick Lane is amicrocosm of London’s shifting ethnic patterns’.

The market, ‘Vegan Nights’, is joining an ample variety of existing London night markets to bring all the great street food, atmosphere and vibes. But this one’s even better, because you can stuff your face without having to feel guilty about it!

The presence of big names in the vegan food market are to be expected, with vendors lined up that include, but aren’t limited to, Temple Of Seitan – fried ‘chicken’ connoisseurs, and Cook Daily – who have an established shop down the road at Boxpark, Shoreditch.

Biff’s Jack Shack is also expected, who serve vegan fried ‘chicken’ wings, and Pomodoro E Basilico, serving homemade artisan Italian food.

And of course, it wouldn’t be right to finish off the night without a sweet tone, so don’t leave without picking up some desserty treats from Vida Bakery.

To make the deal even sweeter, the market is free entry! 

A night of after-work fun, beer drinking, DJ-jamming, over-indulging and memory-making is sure to be had! Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until September 28th until the crowds to roll into Boiler House.

Is there any excuse for London Food-Fanatics to stay home?

Image Credit: Temple of SeitanVegan Nights | Vida Bakery