One of Britain’s Oldest Pubs Goes Completely Vegan (Beer Included!)

One of Britain’s oldest pubs – tracing back to the 1830s – The Caledonia on Catharine Street, has launched a ‘creatureless’ food menu and will be serving only vegan beverages. The team at the ‘Cali’ say that they are “determined to give you the best junk food you’ve ever tried without hurting a single animal in the process.” Win-win!

The pub was already dog-friendly, with beer available for your canine drinking-buddies, and the pub is now taking its love for animals to the next level.

A post on The Caledonia’s Facebook page announced its new “100% vegan-friendly” status on the 10th September.

Part of the post reads: “[t]here are hundreds of restaurants, bars and pubs that serve a lot of meat dishes and now there’s one pub that serves exclusively vegan products. 

“The Caledonia, being the independent pub it has been since 2010, is going its own way. We’re catering for vegans who very often have little to no choice.

“Please wish us well, we are doing our best to be a great community-minded venue.”

And the menu looks great: dishes include fry-ups loaded with vegan bacon, sausages, black pudding, hash-browns, beans and a range of veggies; juicy burgers and ‘chicken’ wings.

Although it isn’t yet possible to make reservations to ensure you get to dine in this new vegan haven, if you find yourself in Liverpool, go and check it out!

Image credit: The Caledonia, Liverpool