British Celebrities Show Off Favourite Vegan Eats in Free Christmas Guide

A new guide by Humane Society International (HSI) is composed of the best holiday recipes from some very familiar faces in the UK. In a bid to encourage others to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, multiple celebrities have banded together to share their favourite vegan meals for the holidays.

Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley, Evanna Lynch, The Vamps’ James McVey and Lucy and Tiffany Watson all make appearances in the UK’s Christmas Stars’ Eatkind Festive Guide by HSI. The guide features some of the best plant-based alternatives to your favourite Christmas classics.

Ricky Gervais recommends ‘Tempting Tofurky and Roasted Veg’, while Lucy Watson shares her ‘Merry Mushroom Pâté’ recipe. Additionally, Evanna Lynch suggests adding ‘Magical Mince Pies’ to the dinner table this year.

The guide doesn’t stop at recipes. It also contains top tips for vegan shopping, including buying plant-based candy, dairy-free cheese and which stores to find the best cruelty-free options at.

Executive director of HSI/UK Claire Bass said: “Humane Society International is delighted that compassionate celebs are sharing their tasty meat and dairy-free meals and demonstrating that it’s never been easier to take a holiday from eating meat”.

Actress Joanna Lumley said she hopes the collection of recipes in HSI’s guide will inspire people “to be a bit daring, and dance under the stars with a cruelty-free plate of fabulous vegetables, stuffings, pies and sauces”.

She explained, “At Christmas time it makes me feel happier to think that no creature has suffered just so that I can celebrate”.

She also added: “Happy Christmas to everyone… people, birds and beasts”.

You can download the guide for free, right here.

Image Credit: Ricky Gervais | Evanna LynchHumane Society International