The British Library in London is Going Vegan for a Day

british library

The British Library in London is going vegan for a day.

In partnership with the Vegan Society, The British Library, the largest national library in the world, will serve exclusively plant-based food in its Kings Library Café. The initiative is part of the Vegan Society’s Plate Up for the Planet campaign, which encourages people to go vegan for seven days to benefit the environment.

Across the UK, more and more consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the impact their eating habits have on the environment. One recent study conducted by the online veggie restaurant guide More Than Carrots revealed that 28 percent of Brits are actively reducing their meat intake for the sake of the planet.

“A lot of people are beginning to realise the enormous impact that reducing meat in their diet can have on the environment,” said Annette Burgard, the founder of More Than Carrots. “Eating less meat is the one action every one of us can take every day and that is 100 percent in our control.”

Environmental Impact

The Plate Up for the Planet campaign aims to spread the word even further, showing people that animal-based foods have a wider effect on climate change and the natural world. So far, over 15, 250 people have pledged to take part in the challenge; but with the participation of a respected and world-renowned institution as the British Library, the Vegan Society hopes to convince even more people to give meat-free living a chance.

“With the weight of evidence showing that going vegan is the most significant thing an individual can do to reduce impact on the planet, it’s time people and companies alike took action on this issue,” Louise Davies, the Head of Campaigns, Policy, and Research at the Vegan Society, said in a statement“We need to be far bolder with our food choices if we are to protect our precious planet, and our Plate Up for the Planet campaign encourages people to do just that.”

The King’s Library Café will be serving a variety of dishes, such as Caribbean jerk tofu and mock chicken katsu curry, between 10:45 am and 5 pm on Thursday, August 30.