Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams Featured on Official New York City Vegan Phone Message

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams Featured on Official New York City Vegan Phone Message

New Yorkers who call the City of New York will now hear a message from vegan Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams when they’re put on hold. The message promotes the new plant-based program at Bellevue Hospital, the oldest public hospital in the nation.

“Hi. I’m Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams. Are you struggling with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or obesity? The new Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Program at Bellevue Hospital may be the answer,” Adams says in the recording.

He continues, “Their expert team can help you adopt a plant-based diet, which has been shown to treat, and in some cases even reverse, your condition. It did for me, and it can help you too. Call 347-507-3695 to learn more.”

The Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Program launched earlier this season in a bid to help patients learn about improving their health with nutrition. The program emphasizes a whole foods, plant-based diet, which avoids refined and processed foods as well as animal products, and will help at least 100 patients throughout the city while it’s in its pilot stage.

“This program will assist patients who are living with chronic health conditions, giving them the guidance and support they need to transition to a healthy lifestyle,” said Dr. Michelle McMacken, director of NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue Adult Weight Management Program, and the director of the new Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Program. “Healthy lifestyle habits have the potential to prevent, treat, and sometimes even reverse conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease,” she added.

How Adams Took Control of His Health With a Vegan Diet

Adams has been a vocal proponent of the health benefits of a vegan diet, drawing from his personal struggle with type-2 diabetes. In a short documentary released last July, the Brooklyn president shared how he had come to rely on processed food, leading to nerve damage in his hands and feet and risked losing his eyesight as a result of the disease.

The 58-year-old politician’s doctors placed him on insulin, but at the time, none spoke to him about how his diet may have contributed to his condition. Upon doing his own research, Adams learned how a plant-based diet could improve his symptoms and made the decision to go vegan. Within three months, Adams’ symptoms disappeared, he lost 30 pounds, and he was able to safely stop taking his medication.

Today, Adams is committed to improving the health of his community. He regularly hosts vegan meetups at Brooklyn Borough Hall for those interested in learning more about plant-based food. Over the summer, Adams launched a plant-based nutrition resource guide in response to increased interest among residents.

Image Credit: Eric Adams

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