New Brooklyn Preschool, the Peaceful Path Collective, Embraces Vegan Diet and LGBTQIA+ Community

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A vegan preschool that promotes kindness to all living beings is set to open this fall in Brooklyn, New York.

The holistic preschool is called “Peaceful Path Collective.” It encourages young minds and families to embrace plant-based food, kind education, and compassion.

“Peaceful Path Collective partners with families who have embraced a plant-based lifestyle by offering a nurturing environment for their children to grow into independent, empathetic, and influential human beings,” Peaceful Path Collective states as its philosophy on its website. “Only plant-based foods and products are used or welcomed in any Collective program or event. The programs and events which occur at the Collective are offered to serve our community. We believe that living an examined, intentional life today helps tomorrow.”

The preschool is not exclusive to plant-based families; anyone is welcome to attend. But a key focus of the education it employs to enrich young minds includes the eschewing of animal products. “We believe that school is an extension of the family so we hope that our school philosophy is consistent with your family values,” it comments.

All snacks and meals served to its pupils are organic, vegan, and homemade – even the plant-based meat. It believes a healthy diet creates not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind. The meals are packed with nutrients and protein to build strong growing children, but the menu is also formulated to cater to simple, kid-friendly demand.

A unique part of the holistic preschool’s curriculum is its “Rainbow of Friends and Families” initiative. The program teaches kids about human equality and dispels outdated prejudice about the LGBTQIA+ community. Children often have an instinctive curiosity and are compassionate by nature, making the education center an effective way of raising kinder minds.

Peaceful Path Collective joins the preschool market at a turning point for mainstream veganism. Recent data found millennial parents are asking for more vegan baby care products than previous generations, which is unsurprising, considering the millennial demographic has the largest growing vegan population.