Budapest’s Vegan Food Court Is Making Meat Obsolete

A vegan food truck yard in Budapest is making meat obsolete.

Called Vegan Garden, the area consists of six plant-based street food trucks set up in one location. Food options include dairy-free ice-cream, heart-shaped pizza, Mexican chilli non carne, seitan kebabs, chickpea burgers, and brownies, helping to put the Hungarian capital “on the map of European vegan hotspots,” Living it reported.

Vegan Garden first opened last summer, becoming the first plant-based food truck yard in Hungary – “and potentially the world,” Living it commented. It closed in October but following demand, is set to reopen in March.

Co-founder of Vegan Garden, Márton Nagy, was surprised at the positive reaction from the public, given that Hungary is a country where “meat comes with a side of meat and is simply a cornerstone of every meal,” Living it said.

Speaking to the publication about Vegan Garden’s success, Nagy said, “We found a great location in the centre of the city and that’s definitely part of our success. It also comes down to the amazing word of mouth that was generated in the first season.”

Nagy added, We didn’t spend much on social media advertising so I guess we created a place that people were really waiting for.”

Nagy, along with co-founder Péter Papp, founded Vegan Garden out of a “desire to protect animals but also to promote health and sustainability.”

Last year, Rácskert Bar in the area introduced recyclable glasses made of plant materials and a vegan-friendly drinks menu. Food waste from the trucks were delivered to a nearby community garden for composting, and information boards were posted around the garden about environmental protection.

In an interview, Nagy said that other cruelty-free products like cosmetics, clothing, and accessories may be introduced to Vegan Garden in the future.

The trend of vegan street food continues to grow. A food truck in El Paso, Texas, called Lick It Up EP sells vegan versions of traditional Mexican street food. A restaurant in Washington DC called Fancy Radish offers vegan street food inspired by cuisines around the world, including Szechuan dan dan noodles and chocolate brownies with lavender ice cream.