Budget-Friendly Vegan Kebab Meat Just Launched At Aldi

Aldi UK has added new barbecue options to its Plant Menu range just in time for summer cookouts. The line now includes budget-friendly vegan kebab meat, meatless burgers, and side dishes.

Aldi’s two new plant-based kebabs—called Plant Menu Veggiebabs—can be thrown on the grill. The kebabs come in two flavors. The Korean Veggiebabs are made with a blend of mushrooms, sweet potatoes, courgettes, and rice. They feature Asian-inspired flavors, including spring onion, ginger, garlic, and Sriracha sauce.

The Zanzibar kebabs are made with chickpeas, courgette, and roasted red peppers. Seasonings include coconut, curry spices, coriander, and chili.

The Plant Menu range also has two new vegan burgers, which come in flavors Teriyaki and Peri Peri. And what’s a meal without a few sides? Vegan coleslaw and potato salad are also now available.

The Plant Menu Potato Salad features diced potatoes, spring onions, and chives in an egg-free mayonnaise. The vegan coleslaw includes cabbage, carrots, and onion, as well as the mayo.

Budget-Friendly Vegan Kebab Meat Just Launched At Aldi
The chain launched its own vegan steak bakes earlier this year. | @hannahbeingvegan

Aldi Gets More Vegan Options

Aldi launched its own meat-free range last year. Aldi’s managing director of buying, Julie Ashfield, said the company launched the line in order to meet the growing demand for plant-based foods.

“The launch of I Am Vegan is in response to the growing popularity and appetite for vegan options amongst our customer base,” she said in a statement.

Ashfield added: “We continue to review our range to ensure that it meets the needs of our customers and we look forward to expanding it even further over the coming months.”

The line was originally called “I Am Vegan.” However, the company renamed the range Plant Menu late last year, in order to appeal to a broader range of consumers.

In April, Aldi added vegan “No Steak Bakes” to the range. The steakless bakes feature soya protein in a rich gravy all wrapped in puff pastry.

Earlier this year, the chain released its own-brand versions of Magnum’s vegan ice cream bars. The dairy-free desserts are available in two flavors: Almond and Dark Chocolate.