Burger Shop Goes Vegan and Sales Spike 400% In a Day

Burger Shop Goes Vegan and Sales Spike 400% In a Day

Sales of the “bleeding” Beyond Burger are soaring at Finnish vegan burger shop Bun2Bun.

The chain became Finland’s first vegan burger shop in December, selling plant-based patties from Beyond Meat with dairy-free cheese and vegan sides.

“When we heard we would get the Beyond Burger to Finland, we decided to ditch all our beef-based burgers and switch to a 100-percent vegan menu with the Beyond Burger as the main ingredient,” the company said in a statement. The Beyond Burger, which is made with pea protein, is said to look, cook, and taste like animal-based beef.

“The sales skyrocketed right away. Our sales grew 400 percent right from the first day we introduced our all-vegan burger menu based on the Beyond Burger on December 12th. Now it’s been a month and the clients just keep coming. And loving our burgers,” Bun2Bun explained.

Beyond Meat said, “This is a success story that goes beyond our wildest dreams.”

Beyond Burger Rising in Popularity


The Beyond Burger is widely popular in Finland, according to Beyond Meat. Its products are available at 31 Scandic Hotels and 11 Classic American Diners.

Across the globe, the company’s meat-free food is becoming a firm favorite for vegans and non-vegans alike. The brand’s CEO Ethan Brown revealed that 93 percent of people buying Beyond Meat products at supermarkets are meat eaters. “So they’re buying not only plant based meat, but they’re buying animal meat and that’s a really important breakthrough for us,” Brown said in a statement.

The company makes burgers, sausages, beef crumbles, and chicken strips but has plans to launch vegan bacon and steak, catering to the growing number of consumers looking for healthier ways to enjoy the flavors they know and love. Compared to animal-based beef, the Beyond Burger carries more iron and more protein (20 grams worth). It also offers less saturated fat, total fat, and calories, as well as no cholesterol.

Veganism in Finland

The vegan movement is growing across the world. Finland, in particular, interest is rising in plant-based, cruelty-free living. In December, Finnish supermarkets reported record sales of meat-free ham.

The country is home to the McDonald’s McVegan burger, McDonald’s El Veggo hamburger, and Subway’s vegan steak sandwich.

Even Finland’s army is enjoying plant-based food; soldiers receive weekly meat-free meals which include vegan Quorn meat.