You Can Now Buy Vegan Butterbeer in Stores

You Can Now Buy Vegan Butterbeer in Stores

Harry Potter fans can now enjoy vegan Butterbeer. Warner Bros. just launched a dairy-free version of the classic wizard’s beverage in stores. The only catch? You have to be based in the UK to indulge.

The cream soda and butterscotch flavored butterbeer, originally a fictitious drink featured in the Harry Potter films, previously contained a dairy-based foamy whipped topping.

But now, a vegan version of the popular drink is available at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and the Platform 9 ¾ Shops at London King’s Cross Station.

Warner Bros. has also launched the vegan butterbeer at The Harry Potter Shop locations in Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. However, the latter shop is reportedly currently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Fans of the film series can purchase the bottled vegan butterbeer online for delivery—so long as they’re UK-based.

 Butterbeer Gets a Vegan Makeover

Warner Bros.’ release of the new dairy-free butterbeer follows a 2018 online petition launched by The Protego Foundation. The Harry Potter-themed animal rights nonprofit works to end animal abuse by “empowering wizards, witches, and magical people to get active for animals.

The petition garnered more than 7,500 signatures. It also received support from two actors from the iconic Harry Potter series: Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis. Lynch and Jarvis host a vegan podcast together called The ChickPeeps.

“I’ve been a member of the vegan community for the past five years and the Harry Potter community for most of my life, and nothing makes me happier than when these two worlds intersect,” Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood, said.

“I genuinely can’t imagine a lovelier day out than going to The Wizarding World to enjoy a butterbeer with my vegan friends. I will be first in line when that day comes,” she added.

In a statement, Tylor Starr—the nonprofit’s president and co-founder—expressed his gratitude to Warner Bros. He said: “Mother cows and Wizarding World enthusiasts alike can now say ‘cheers’ to a dairy-free Butterbeer that doesn’t contribute to the cruel separation of baby cows and their mom.