Cadbury Launches Its First Powdered Milkshake and It’s Vegan

Cadbury Launches Its First Powdered Milkshake and It’s Vegan

Cadbury’s vegan milkshakes are bringing all the boys – and everyone else – to the yard. The international chocolate brand just launched its first-ever powdered milkshake, and it’s vegan.

Called Choc’Shake, the powdered chocolate is designed to be mixed with cold milk. Since the powder contains no animal products, using plant-based milk will give Cadbury fans a chilled, all-vegan milkshake.

Choc’Shake – which is “perfect for at-home family moments,” according to Cadbury was created to cater to demand. Paul Smith, the senior brand manager for hot chocolate and refreshing beverages at Cadbury, said in a statement“Seventy-five per cent of the population either currently uses, or is keen to use, chocolate powder with cold milk.”

Cadbury Vegan Food

The second-largest confectionery brand in the world isn’t known for its vegan offerings, traditionally paving its way in the food industry with dairy milk chocolate. However, as more people seek out animal-free versions of the snacks they love, the candy giant is working to keep up.

Cadbury recently launched share bags of buttons made with Bournville dark chocolate. Bournville chocolate, usually sold in bars, is made with a vegan, milk-free recipe. 

Cadbury’s Freddo hot chocolate is also free from animal products, passing on milk and whey which commonly appears in hot chocolate powders.

Technically not under the Cadbury brand but still in the family, James Cadbury, the great-great-great grandson of Cadbury’s founder, formed a chocolate company of his own, Love Cocoa. The UK-based chocolatier launched a vegan chocolate bar featuring avocado. “Growing up a Cadbury, I’ve always loved chocolate and experimenting in the kitchen,” Cadbury told the Independent. “And like the millions on Instagram, I’m also an avocado fan, so I thought why not mix two of the most loved flavours and foods together – and that’s how the avocado chocolate bar was born,” he explained.

Vegan Milkshakes

Vegan milkshakes are becoming more popular. Last year, Swedish hamburger chain Max Burgers announced plans to replace all of its dairy milkshakes with vegan versions.

In the UK, burger chain Byron sells a range of vegan milkshakes, including the UK high street’s first ever vegan “freakshake.” And a dessert shop in New York is whipping up “over-the-top” vegan milkshakes filled with cake.