Cake Box Just Launched 3 Vegan Cakes

Cake Box Just Launched 3 Vegan Cakes

Cake Box just launched three new vegan cakes.

The bakery chain — which abstains from using eggs but adds dairy to most of its recipes — now offers vegan-friendly loaf cakes.

Farmhouse Fruitcake, Lemon Drizzle, and Cherry & Almond are limited edition flavors; according to a post from Instagram account Accidentally Vegan UK, the latter is currently sold out.

Cake Box is known for its creamy dairy-filled celebration cakes, which are made without eggs.

“The founders of Eggfree Cake Box follow a strict lacto vegetarian diet, and that is how they came up with [the] idea for the company,” reads the chain’s website. “While all of our cakes are eggfree, you really can’t taste the difference, meaning that it is a safe choice for a party where you are not sure if anybody has any egg allergies.”

There are no current plans for the chain to launch its signature creamy cakes in a vegan version. A statement on its website reads, “we feel cakes using substitute cream detracts from the taste.”

Vegan Cakes

Cake Box Just Launched 3 Vegan Cakes
A number of UK supermarkets offer vegan celebration cakes

As people become more aware of the environmental, ethical, and health risks associated with consuming dairy and other animal products, more are looking for vegan options.

According to a recent survey, young people, in particular, are trying to ditch dairy. More than a quarter of 18 to 24-year-olds in the UK have either cut out dairy products completely or are trying to limit their intake.

Customers searching for vegan celebration cakes have more options than ever before in the UK.

Alternative Foods is a UK-based vegan cake brand, offering creamy “zingy” lemon drizzle cakes in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. It also offers smaller plant-based Salted Caramel, Victoria Sponge, and Chocolate Fudge cakes.

“What started as someone’s dream to eat cake without cruelty evolved into a vision for change,” reads the brand’s website. “Our mission is to give you plant-based alternatives to everyday foods, that taste as delicious as you’ve always known them, whilst doing our best to positively change the future of the planet, animals and people with every, little, bite.”

Just Love Food offers a variety of free-from birthday cakes. Its rich vegan chocolate cake is available in a number of UK supermarkets, including Asda and Tesco.