There’s an Amazon for Weed Wellness Products Now

California’s 'Eaze Wellness' Delivers Cannabis and CBD Products Across the Nation

California-based cannabis delivery service Eaze is branching out beyond the sunshine state with CBD online marketplace “Eaze Wellness.”

Eaze already delivers a wide variety of products to its Californian consumers, including weed from licensed dispensaries, pre-rolls, and vaporizers. But with the new shop, the brand’s hemp-derived CBD can be purchased throughout 41 states.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis plants. It’s free from THC, meaning it’s non-psychoactive, or in other words, it won’t get you high. It can also be derived from hemp, meaning it’s legal to sell in many places where weed isn’t. Its long list of health benefits includes pain relief, reduced anxiety, and improving sleep. Research shows that it may benefit those undergoing cancer treatment by stopping the growth of cancer cells.

“Eaze’s mission has always been to educate consumers and provide safe, legal access to cannabis. The launch of Eaze Wellness is a natural next step in our mission,” said Eaze CEO Jim Patterson in a statement.

He continued, “Americans are curious about CBD and asking for high-quality CBD products, but until now, there’s been no singular destination where consumers with a variety of experience levels can find the products that are right for them. Eaze Wellness changes that.”

Eaze’s online offerings include stress-busting tinctures, pain relievers, skincare remedies, pet products, and cruelty-free Kush Queen bath bombs.


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Where Is Cannabis Legal in the US?

As of this month, 10 U.S. states plus Washington DC have legalized recreational cannabis, and even more have legalized medicinal marijuana. According to data from American Marijuana, 66 percent of U.S. citizens are in favor of legalization.

Many speculate that New York and New Jersey – which have pro-recreational weed governors – will be the next states to legalize the plant in 2019, making it an interesting time for the cannabinoid marketplace.

Depending on the strain, cannabis can be used to help alleviate a long list of ailments, including chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and insomnia. The industry is also hailed as highly lucrative, with Colorado pot sales raking in $1.51 billion in tax revenue in 2017.

Increased availability of CBD products could be aiding a cultural shift towards the social acceptance of cannabis.

CBD products are now easily obtained and trendy, CBD-infused vegan lattes are even commonplace in some cities. Eaze Wellness aims to continue this trend of educating consumers on the health benefits of cannabis and CBD.

To find out more about the online marketplace, see here.

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