California’s Lucky Supermarkets Partners With Plant Based Foods Association

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American supermarket chain Lucky Supermarkets has teamed up with the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), a trade organization that represents the nation’s leading vegan companies, in a first-of-its-kind marketing campaign, designed to make consumers “Fall in Love with Plant Based.”

Targetting the retailer’s 70 Lucky and Lucky California stores throughout Northern CA, the campaign will educate both customers and staff about the wide range of vegan foods available for purchase. Displays will clearly identify plant-based products, while register screen ads and breakroom TV content will inform staff members about Lucky’s vegan options. Educational booklets with coupons will be available at all stores, and select stores will offer vegan food tastings in early November. Social media and radio efforts are also expected to highlight the partnership.

The campaign will specifically promote 16 PBFA member brands which are sold in Lucky stores, including Almond Breeze, Beyond Meat, Lightlife Foods, Follow Your Heart, and Daiya Foods.


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Michele Simon, Executive Director of PBFA, said in a statement: “We are thrilled to partner with Lucky Supermarkets to promote a wide array of delicious plant-based foods to Lucky California shoppers.” She added, “We were pleasantly surprised to see so many PBFA member brands already offered at Lucky stores, and now we want everyone to discover them, from plant-based milks to yogurt to cheeses to many varieties of meat. There is truly a plant-based option for everyone.

The campaign, which will run until December 2, responds to the growing demand for healthier food choices. As more and more people ditch meat and dairy in a bid to improve health, Lucky Supermarkets and PBFA are keen to facilitate eating habits which are not only beneficial to personal well-being, but are also more sustainable.

The Lucky brand, founded in 1935, “brings people together around a shared love of food.” It now joins a growing number of supermarkets, including Whole Food Market and Kroger, that are encouraging consumers of all dietary preferences to try plant-based food.

Image credit: Lucky Supermarkets

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