Cameron Diaz Is Launching Vegan Wine Brand Avaline

Cameron Diaz Is Launching Vegan Wine Brand Avaline

Cameron Diaz just launched her own clean wine brand, Avaline. The line features two varieties of wine—and they’re both vegan.

The actor created the mini wine collection with entrepreneur Katherine Power, co-founder of Who What Wear and founder of Versed Skincare.

Made in Spain, the Avaline White is a dry wine with a fresh, crisp finish. While the Avaline Rosé, which is made in France, is light and fresh with notes of melon and zest.

Diaz and Power started working on the line in April 2018. Diaz explained in a press release that they learned everything they could about the winemaking process from its production to distribution.

“[We] had no idea of the process. One of the first conversations Katherine and I had about making a cleaner wine was ‘what are we going to add to it?’ We soon learned it wasn’t what you added, it’s what you didn’t add,” she said.

Cameron Diaz Is Launching Vegan Wine Brand Avaline
The vegan wine is clean and organic. | Avaline

Clean and Organic Vegan Wine

In doing their research, the duo learned winemakers “are legally required to disclose very little about their wines.” And more than 70 additives can be used in the winemaking process to alter the color and taste of wine. So, Diaz and Power set out to make their own line of clean and organic wine without all the extras.

“When we started asking for clean or organic wines in grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants, all we got were eye-rolls. One of our main goals is to increase the prevalence of clean wine in the market, making it available where our consumer is already shopping,” Power said.

In addition to making their brand clean and organic, the pair ensured it was vegan, too. Wine undergoes a “fining” process that removes particles that settle to the bottom of the bottle so that the wine is clear and not hazy. Traditional fining agents are often animal-derived ingredients. These include egg whites, gelatin, milk proteins like casein, and isinglass—which is the dried swim bladder of fish.

Power says the duo hopes the clean wine will bring “lightness and positivity” to those who drink it.

“As Cameron and I spent two years developing, tasting, and refining Avaline, we could never have imagined the world in which we all find ourselves today,” she said. “But it’s clear to us that, as we navigate the important complexities of 2020, it has become more vital than ever to find joy in small, everyday moments.”