Can Your DIET Help You LIVE TO 100? (And What Are BLUE ZONES?)

Could a plant-based diet help you grow old in good health? Around the world, there are communities where people live long lives without high rates of chronic illnesses typical of the west. Many of these people exercise frequently, maintain close social bonds, and eat a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet.

In Okinawa, Japan, for example, women live longer than any other women on the planet. For every 100,000 inhabitants, the string of islands has 65 centenarians, which has earned it the nickname “the land of immortals.” Only two percent of the Okinawan diet is made up of meat. There is a similar relation between plant-based foods and longevity across Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones, as well as other regions shrouded in legend.

Let’s take a closer look at plant-based diets and longevity.