Canada Goose is working on a vegan faux fur option | image/Canada Goose
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It’s rumored that Canada Goose is working on a vegan faux fur option for its jackets.

The Vegconimist reports that a Canada Goose employee told vegan activist Jenny McQueen, who has campaigned for Toronto Pig Save, that the popular winter coat brand is developing faux fur.

“He and his wife stopped at a protest outside a Toronto butcher. I spotted he had a pristine CG coat on without the fur, asked his partner if he’d removed it, and she told me they sell without the fur, which I’m aware of,” McQueen told Vegconomist.

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“She then told me he works for CG. He told me about the development of faux fur,” she continued.

Canada Goose is working on a faux fur trim option

What’s Wrong With Canada Goose?

Founded in 1957, Canada Goose is synonymous with its parkas featuring a fur-lined hood, which the popular winterwear brand has faced protest over.

To obtain the fur, Canada Goose traps and kills wild coyotes through a variety of painful methods, including steel leg traps, head-crushing traps, body-gripping traps, or leg snares, according to PETA. Sometimes animals can spend days suffering — but they are also killed via gunshot to the head or bludgeoning.

Not only are coyotes killed for a superfluous fur trim on Canada Goose jackets, but the brand’s popularity has set off a chain reaction, according to the Chicago Tribune. The brand surged in popularity in 2013 model Kate Upton wore a parka on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Mark Downey, the CEO of Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. believes that the coyote fur will continue to be a bull market, led by Canada Goose.


While the Toronto-based brand offers coats without fur trim, there is another ethical issue — the goose or duck down feather filling. An expoé of a Canada Goose feather supplier revealed geese stuffed into cramped cages. Distressed geese are carried by the neck to transport trucks to be driven to the abattoir, where they are stunned, shackled upsidedown, and have their throats slit — all within sight of other birds.

A growing number of winterwear brands have found sustainable, vegan alternatives to down feathers such as milkweed and recycled plastic.

LIVEKINDLY has reached out to Canada Goose and international animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for confirmation of the vegan faux fur option.

Canada Goose Is Launching Vegan Faux Fur
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Canada Goose Is Launching Vegan Faux Fur
Canada Goose is reportedly working on a vegan faux fur trim option for its popular winter jackets; the winterwear brand notoriously uses coyote fur trim on its parkas.
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