Rapper Cardi B Eats Vegan to Improve Health During Pregnancy

Rapper Cardi B has taken to her Instagram stories to share her “first time” eating a fully vegan meal.

“[It’s my] first time eating vegan Y’all,” she said in the clip showcasing her feast. “I hope I don’t waste my money. There’s a burrito and there’s a pancake,” she continued. “Gotta’ eat a lil’ bit more healthy and see what the f*ck is up.”

Cardi B’s video is important, as celebrities have a huge influence on their fans. The star is known for consuming animal products, but by showcasing vegan food to her 26 million followers, she has shown that it is easy to try new plant-based foods. Aside from the rapper, many other stars have embraced vegan food in recent years to improve their health, animal welfare, or to reduce their environmental impact.

A fan took to Twitter to share a recording of the artist’s video snippet.

Cardi B’s newfound interest in plant-based food also shows great consideration for her health. The rapper, known for her song “Bodak Yellow,” is currently pregnant with her first child. Consuming dairy products, meat, and eggs, can have a negative impact on a person’s health, some doctors have noted. In terms of pregnancy, there are researchers who believe that babies can be born with an increased likelihood of experiencing atherosclerosis (calcification within the arteries) when the mother has high LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels. Physicians advise pregnant and nursing mothers to consume a variety of nutrients and keep a balanced diet.

Other celebrities who have shunned animal products during pregnancy include reality TV star Khloé Kardashian, who gave birth to baby True Thompson in April. The celebrity revealed she was repulsed by meat and even found it made her “nauseous” and “disgusted” during her pregnancy.

“Before pregnancy, I really only ate chicken or turkey – no pork, red meat, most fish, lamb etc…, but now I find meat absolutely disgusting, LOL,” she wrote in a blog post. “Just the sight of it makes me nauseous. So I’ve become somewhat of a vegetarian during pregnancy, but not by choice. I wonder how I’ll feel about it after I give birth!”

Image Credit: Cardi B