Carnation Just Launched Vegan Almond Cooking Milk

Carnation Just Launched Dairy-Free Almond Cooking Milk

Carnation just launched vegan almond cooking milk. The new almond milk is a dairy-free alternative for recipes that use heavy or double cream.

Food producer Carnation has been making evaporated milk products since 1899, before effective and accessible home refrigeration. The new almond milk is suitable for both cooking and drinking.

“Our organic almond milk makes the perfect substitute for drinking milk in both sweet and savory recipes,” says Carnation. “It’s ideal for lactose-intolerant and dairy-free diners, so you can bake and cook without worry. The cooking milk may be dairy free, but it is expertly formulated to deliver a rich and creamy texture and delicious taste.”

Carnation Just Launched Dairy-Free Almond Cooking Milk
Dairy-free milk is increasingly popular with vegan and flexitarian consumers alike.

“Carnation Milk has been a kitchen staple for cooks and bakers for over 100 years! We help those who want to serve wholesome foods to their families, providing rich and creamy milk to make your recipes even more delicious,” adds Carnation.

Plant-based milks are a staple purchase for 48 percent of Americans, while 25 percent of Brits would rather have it in their tea than dairy milk. At least a quarter of UK consumers regularly purchase plant-based milk for the environment, animals, and their health.

Almond milk, in particular, is far lower in carbs and calories than dairy milk and has no cholesterol or saturated fat. Almond milk naturally contains vitamins E and B, manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, zink, and healthy fats.

Plant-Based Nestlé

Carnation is owned by Swiss multinational food giant Nestlé. The company is investing heavily in plant-based foods. It launched the vegan Incredible Burger in Europe earlier this year, which is currently served at McDonald’s Germany. The company says that vegan bacon, chicken, and sausage are also in development under its Garden Gourmet brand.

The company has invested in or purchased several other plant-based companies including Sweet Earth and Terrafertil. Nestlé has already launched almond milk in Mexico and Ecuador under its Nature Heart brand. There is now even a range of NesCafé dairy-free protein coffee smoothies that use oat milk.

“The whole notion of giving consumers a choice when it comes to plant-based alternatives is going to be a key theme going forward,” Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider told MarketWatch in July. “We’re talking about a pretty significant mega-trend.”