New Carrot Cake Oreos Are Stuffed With Dairy-Free Cheese

Popular cookie brand Oreo has launched a new vegan-friendly flavor: Carrot Cake. The new product is even filled with dairy-free cream cheese.

According to Delish, the new flavor, launched earlier this year, is available in major U.S. stores Target and Walmart. And it’s already a hit with customers.

“These new Carrot Cake Oreos are AMAZING! Not only do the carrot cake cookies and cream cheese filling complement each other so well, but the AMOUNT of cream used in these cookies is noticeably more than your average Oreo,” 
Instagram user Snackgator posted on their account. “The cream cheese filling is definitely the highlight of this cookie.”

The new flavor is the latest in a long line of innovative, creative cookie flavors from the brand, which doesn’t use any animal products in its ingredient list.

Earlier this year, it launched pink limited-edition love-themed Oreos, also with a dairy-free creme filling, in time for Valentine’s Day. And last spring, it launched Kettle Corn, Pina Colada, and Cherry Cola flavors, which were suggested by customers themselves.

Vegan Snacks On The Rise

The vegan-friendly snack market is growing; according to a report from November 2018, it’s set to exceed a market value of $73 billion by 2028.

“The growing trend for veganism and vegetarianism is further leading to the increasing demand for plant-based snacks and products,” noted the report. Animal welfare concerns, it explained, are a significant factor in the sector’s growth.

New vegan snacks are coming to market all the time; Pig Out! plant-based mushroom bacon chips – loved by pop superstar and vegan Ariana Grande – are predicted to be the hottest snack of the year.

Hippeas, a vegan chickpea-based cheese puff brand backed by Leonardo DiCaprio, is also rising in popularity, recently raising $8 million to expand its business.

The meat-based snack market, on the other hand, is struggling. A report from last summer detailed veganism as a significant obstacle in the industry, continuing to hinder its growth. The report said, “the number of people opting for vegan food choices has increased significantly during the last decade.”