Celebrating One Year of Living Kindly – A Letter From the Founder

cupcake and candle

Hi, friends of LK!

Today is LIVEKINDLY’s first birthday. I can’t believe it’s been a year…I’m overcome with joy, gratitude, and a wee bit of exhaustion! This time last year I was teaching myself basic publishing, hoping to create a small sanctuary of positivity on the Internet for anyone curious and passionate about the benefits of veganism for humanity and our planet.

When I started LIVEKINDLY there was nothing else like it, a one-stop-shop of advice and facts for like-minded game changers, with a strong sense of community. Supporting each other, as opposed to the judgment and shaming we’ve sadly become accustomed to.

Our team works to empower you, our community, to make changes in your lives – big or small – and show you how your daily actions and the choices you make really do impact the world. There are millions of people around the world who care about animal welfare, personal health, the environment, and sustainability. From the US to Australia to South Africa to the UK, India, and Japan – knowledge is inspiring action.

Sol Sips Feature

We love seeing your enthusiastic response to the stories we’re telling. Just last month I was delighted when you were so taken with the story of twenty-one-year-old Francesca “Sol” Chaney whose Brooklyn Sol Sips cafe is proving wellness isn’t just for the elite. Her story of making plant-based food accessible to all was so popular that it nearly crashed our site! Turns out celebrities aren’t the only one who can break the Internet (but they do: like Drake and Zac Efron both recently going veg).

Nor is it the only time you’ve rallied en-masse to show us your support. Back in August, I wrote a message (more of a rallying cry, really) asking our community to help us reach 100,000 Facebook followers…and you came through for us, big time (we now have close to 600,000 followers!). Today, the LIVEKINDLY team is small but mighty and working hard to bring veganism to the mainstream in a compassionate, purpose-driven, and genuine way. With somewhat phenomenal, continuous growth, we now reach tens of millions of people every month, making us one of the largest vegan media publishers in the world. We’re confident our community will continue to grow and we remain committed to quality, positive, purpose-driven content.

I feel hopeful and encouraged every day reading your comments on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I love seeing how pumped-up you are about our headlines, excited by the movement, and mostly I love seeing how we’re all encouraging and supporting each other.

LIVEKINDLY has a come along way in one year thanks to your support. Behind the scenes, we’re working on some fantastic initiatives which will roll out later this year. While I can’t talk about them all just yet, it’s truly made me realize that “your vibe” truly does attract “your tribe” and all the positive energy LIVEKINDLY is putting out there is coming back to us tenfold. Our newsletter subscribers will be the first to hear, so if you’ve not yet signed up, now’s the time!

Keep those good vibes coming, thank you and keep living kindly.

Jodi x