Celeb Ditches Dairy Due to Major Health Concerns – Gives Ice Cream to Sick Kids

Image of Tia Mowry at the 019 U.S. Vets Salute Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel

Confused? Join the club.

Tia Mowry of 90’s duo ‘Sister Sister‘ featured in a number of celebrity news articles earlier this year following her decision to ditch dairy products. The driver for her dietary change included major health factors, such as her debilitating symptoms of endometriosis.

Mowry commented on her choice to eliminate dairy and other processed foods, saying to Health.com; “Food is powerful and has a significant impact,” and that “No matter what you put in your mouth—the good, the bad, or the Cheeto—it’s doing something.”

Good news, right? Yes! And actually we are happy to report that thanks to this step toward a more wholesome way of eating, Tia’s pain drastically reduced; her migraines have disappeared and her stubborn case of eczema has cleared up significantly.

With this in mind, one would only assume that Tia would be keep to share her experience with others and somewhat endorse a dairy-free way of eating – after all, she has experienced nothing but better health and better skin since ditching the stuff.

According to her recent Instagram post, that is not exactly the case:

Without wanting to be cynical about celebrity culture, it is undeniable that Hollywood stars are frequently paid-off by large brands to endorse products which they would otherwise never consider using themselves. It seems like this is just another case of exactly that.

With the #MiracleTreatDay hashtag and ‘@DairyQueen‘ in her Instagram caption, it’s fair to assume that this pap of Tia Mowry is nothing but a paid endorsement at the request of DQ’s marketing team.

The caption reads “#MiracleTreatDay is Thursday, go to @DairyQueen to support the work @CMNHospitals does for sick and injured kids in LA. $1 or more from every Blizzard is donated”, a ‘Blizzard” being an ice cream from DQ’s ‘Treat’ menu.

Singling out Tia for accepting a brand-endorsement would be unfair; this is unfortunately the way in which the celeb/ad industry work together and she’s certainly not the first to do this. What is less forgivable though is Mowry’s promotion of a product which, through personal experience, she knows is bad for health.

With 75% of the world’s population being lactose intolerant and strong links between dairy and autoimmune diseases, acne, cancer and osteoporosis to name just a few, we really think Tia should know better than to give a sick child dairy ice cream.

#MiracleTreatDay is a questionable marketing campaign driven by the ice cream sellers themselves. DQ’s overview of the initiative’s purposes states that “4,900 children visit a Children’s Miracle Network member hospital each day.  Some are battling cancer.  Some are suffering from a traumatic injury.  Others require constant care because they were born too early, or with a genetic disease.”

Their campaign page lists 12 children’s hospitals who are participating in the #MiracleTreatDay on July 27th, which on the face of it may come across as a great charitable initiative from DQ (who doesn’t want to support sick children after all?); however in this case it’s worth questioning the company’s real motive.

Does Dairy Queen care for the welfare of sick children or is the campaign a marketing ploy designed to generate more sales of Blizzard ice creams?

Ultimately though, with increased awareness on the negative health implications of animal products and exposure to Big Dairy’s years of corruption, we must ask ourselves – What are we doing feeding this stuff to our kids? Don’t they deserve better health, now that we have the knowledge?