Top 15 Celebrity Tweets About Veganism

There’s no shortage of people sharing their love for veganism, or asking for help to go vegan on what seems like every social media platform there is.

However, in 140 characters or less, tweetin’ about the vegan lifestyle and movement is very prevalent.

And of course, like most trends and global hot topics, celebs are no stranger to hopping on and sharing their input.

So, here’s 15 celebrities who have dropped the internet a line about veganism.

Top 15 Celebrity Tweets About Veganism

Ruby Rose

It might not seem obvious at first as to how this tweet is about veganism, but Rose’s tweet references to a genuine leather Prada bag, which is believed to have her face on it. She later stated that she would be releasing a vegan version of the bag, as she is vegan herself.


Possibly one of the greatest vegans alive.

Cory Booker

This was tweeted back in 2014, and guess what? Booker did commit to veganism after all.


Mya is loving her vegan lifestyle and the positive ripple effect on her life.


Yep, even Zendaya can’t resist some of that animal-free goodness.

Vince Williams

Plant-powered team AF. Go, team!

Alicia Silvertone

This long-time vegan celeb has spoken out about her lifestyle on many occasions – but this tweet was too cute to resist.

Jared Leto

We’re loving that playful vegan humor.

Jaden Smith

Hit ya’ boy up with some good food places!

Emily Deschanel

Everyone loves Moby’s vegan restaurants (celebs included)!

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen is said to eat a vegan diet, while this tweet doesn’t explicitly mention veganism – we know what she’s getting at here!

Mike Tyson

Tyson may not be vegan anymore, but he was vocal about his lifestyle for a while.

Russell Brand

Funnyman Russell finds nothing funny about animal welfare and his health.

Miley Cyrus

This gal and her also vegan partner Liam Hemsworth are the epitome of couple goals.

Does he like sprouted black eyed peas?


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons