What These Celebs Want You to Know About McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

What These Celebs Want You to Know About McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

A bunch of actors, models, athletes, and animal rights activists have joined together to send a message to fast-food giant McDonald’s.

James Cromwell, Emily Deschanel, Moby, Daniella Monet, and John Salley are among the celebs pushing McDonald’s to change its ways and take steps to improve animal welfare in a video made in partnership with animal rights organization Mercy for Animals.

According to the organization, McDonald’s chickens are some of the most abused animals on the planet. It states on its website named “McDonald’s Cruelty” that the chain’s chickens are bred to be so large, they’re in constant pain, leaving them unable to walk without suffering.

Unlike many chains — like Burger King and Starbucks — McDonald’s has not committed to improving the standard of its chicken welfare.

“We believe in standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves,” the celebs state in the video. “We believe in kindness, compassion, doing the right thing. We believe no animal deserves to be in constant pain, living in their own filth, suffer with every single breath.”

Listening to Consumer Demand

The group of celebrities urges McDonald’s to use its power for good, stating that the chain has a “responsibility to act.”

The group adds that McDonald’s is ignoring its customers. In the United States, nearly 114 Americans are trying to eat more vegan food this year, and in the UK, 91 percent of consumers identify as flexitarian. It’s a similar story in other countries around the world, as more and more people are reducing or eliminating their meat and dairy intake, for their health, the environment, and for the animals.

Other fast-food chains are listening to this rising demand; Burger King recently launched the Impossible Whopper, made with the plant-based “bleeding” Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods.

Even KFC is making changes. In the UK, the fried chicken giant already confirmed its working on a new vegan chicken option, and in the U.S., it’s looking into doing the same.

While McDonald’s has some vegetarian options, it is yet to launch a vegan meat version of its popular Big Mac or McChicken Nuggets.

“You’re falling behind your competitors,” states the celebrities. “You’re letting us down. You’re letting animals down. Dear McDonalds, stop this cruelty.”

The video ends with a plea to consumers. They state, “join us in telling McDonald’s to eliminate the worst cruelty for their chickens. Take action.”

Mercy for Animals McDonald’s Cruelty website offers a form for people to fill out to tell McDonald’s executives “that you won’t stand for animal abuse.”

Find the form here.