Cheesy Vegan Veggie Feast Pizzas Now at Asda

Cheesy Vegan Veggie Feast Pizzas Now at Asda

British supermarket retailer Asda has increased its vegan options, welcoming plant-based flatbread pizzas to its store shelves.

The new product is part of Asda’s own-brand Flatbread pizza range. The line previously offered meat and cheese-based flatbread pizzas, but now the supermarket chain has added the Vegan Veggie Feast to the range.

Asda’s new veggie flatbread features vegan cheese | image/Instafoodietwins

The frozen pizza is “loaded with rich tomato sauce” on top of a crispy stone-baked base, according to the product’s description. It features a “truly delicious topping” including mixed grilled peppers, garlic mushrooms, cracked black pepper, and dairy-free cheese.

Asda Vegan Food

Lately, Asda is all about vegan food. The UK’s third-largest supermarket chain has been busy launching new products to keep up with surging demand for plant-based eating.

This month, Asda began selling a vegan version of the popular British biscuit, custard creams. The snack has been described as a combination of custard creams and Fox’s crunch creams, as well as “really tasty” and affordable.

Still set on satisfying its shoppers’ sweet tooths, Asda launched own-brand bags of dairy-free chocolate orange buttons and just in time for Easter, vegan hot cross buns.

For Valentine’s Day, the retailer introduced heart-shaped vegan crumpets and shortly after, Asda created its own plant-based beetroot and spinach melts, featuring shredded beetroot blended with spinach, sunflower seeds, balsamic vinegar, and “velvety smooth” dairy-free cheese, made from coconut oil and meant to mimic goat’s cheese.

Last April, Asda credited vegan products for its spike in sales. Six months later, it again thanked vegan food for rising sales figures. In December 2017, Asda launched vegan mince pies and in turn, attracted more than 348,000 new customers.

UK’s Taste for Vegan Food

More Brits are ditching animal products, predominantly for health, environmental, and animal welfare reasons.

Research from earlier this year found that red and processed meat consumption had dropped nearly 30 percent in the UK in the last decade. Over the past two years, more than a quarter of young people in the UK have reduced or cut dairy consumption altogether.

A February study found that the number of vegans living in the UK could increase by 327 percent this year.

Asda’s Flatbread Vegan Veggie Feast pizza can be purchased by £2.50.