‘Avengers: Endgame’ Star Chris Hemsworth Trains With Vegan Bodybuilder

Chris Hemsworth Trained With Vegan Bodybuilder for Avengers 'Endgame'

Updated April 27, 2019. “Avengers: Endgame” star Chris Hemsworth may have gotten in shape for his role as the mighty Thor with a little help from the champion vegan bodybuilder, Torre Washington.

“This part of my JOURNEY has been so eventful,” Washington wrote in an Instagram post that features a photo of him with Hemsworth ahead of this weekend’s “Endgame” launch. Washington also gave a shout to the Australian actor’s recently launched fitness app called Centr.

“CONGRATULATIONS on #endgame I don’t think #thanos is ready for what @centr and the AVENGERS are bringing, ‘WHATEVER IT TAKES,'” Washington wrote in the post.


The ‘Ital’ Vegan Rastafarian Diet

Washington grew up vegetarian and went vegan in 1998, an effort he says was meant to help him to connect with his Rastafarian roots. The traditional Jamaican Rastafarian diet is typically vegetarian or vegan with a focus on minimally processed fresh foods. It’s believed to bring a greater level of health and improved energy levels.

And for Washington, he hasn’t looked back.

Being meat-free let alone egg- and dairy-free as well wasn’t common in the weightlifting world. But Washington says his diet has appeared to be an advantage rather than a hindrance, “that didn’t discourage me, it rather gave me more passion to pursue my dream,” he notes on his website. Washington is a regular weightlifting competitor and frequently ranks in the top three of his class; he has attained a number of pro cards.

Chris Hemsworth’s Centr App


Washington is a featured trainer in Hemsworth’s Centr app, which launched earlier this year. The app offers daily workouts, meditations, community support, and meal plans that can be personalized for vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian diets.

“I believe we all have untapped potential. And we all need support to achieve our goals,” Hemsworth said in a statement. “Centr puts the world’s best in the palm of your hand, to help you develop a healthier body, stronger mind, and a happier life.”

The actor trained for his “Thor” roles on a vegan diet. His brother and fellow actor Liam Hemsworth is an outspoken vegan and animal rights activist.

“Avengers: Endgame” has already broken box office records as the highest grossing preview of all time, earning more than $60 million for last night’s advanced screening. The cast features a number of vegan and vegetarian stars including Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Dinklage, and Chadwick Boseman.