Cinnaholic’s 24th Vegan Cinnamon Roll Bakery Opens in Seattle

Cinnaholic’s 24th Vegan Cinnamon Roll Bakery Opens in Seattle

Atlanta-based cinnamon roll chain Cinnaholic will open its first Washington location this October in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Seattleites will be able to customize freshly baked cinnamon rolls – a new batch is made every 20 minutes – with a wide variety of frostings including chocolate, chai, and peanut butter, along with toppings like vegan marshmallows, raspberries, and pretzels.

Cinnaholic first opened in 2010 with one location in Berkeley, California. After successfully raising $200,000 worth of backing on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, the vegan-owned bakery has gone on to become a fast-growing franchise with 24  locations across the United States, five in Canada, and over 100 new Cinnaholic locations in development.

The Capitol Hill Cinnaholic is set to open on trendy Pike Street, not far from Plum Vegan Bistro and the all-vegan Mighty-O Donuts. Seattle has seen a growth in vegan businesses in recent years, including the farm-to-table restaurant Stock’s recent change over to an all-vegan establishment, and Seattle Food Tech’s raising one million dollars to manufacture vegan chicken nuggets.

Maysaa Abouhamze, one of the partners opening the Seattle Cinnaholic franchise, told Capitol Hill Seattle that part of her decision to open a Cinnaholic was so that her kids could eat treats that she felt good about giving them. “They want treats. They’re eating and I don’t feel like a horrible mom.”

Cinnaholic Opens Vegan Cinnamon Roll Bakery in Seattle

Thanks to a growing demand for vegan sweets, more and more vegan bakeries, donut shops, and ice cream shops have sprung up around the world. Some have gone on to open multiple locations, like Brammibal’s, which recently opened its third vegan donut shop in Germany. Meanwhile, major supermarkets are stocking desserts from vegan brands like Daiya, Silk, and So Delicious.

And to stay competitive, mainstream brands have introduced vegan options as well. In 2016, Ben and Jerry’s introduced two vegan ice cream flavors, P.B. & Cookies and Chunky Monkey, and has continued to roll out more vegan offerings in the years since. Häagen-Dazs soon followed suit with four vegan ice cream flavors of its own, and has recently added vegan bars to its frozen lineup. And, just this summer, Magnum introduced its line of vegan ice cream bars.

Cinnaholic’s Seattle location is expected to open this October at 816 East Pike Street. For updates, visit them on Facebook.

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