Co-Op Launches Own-Brand ‘Bleeding’ Vegan Burgers

These ‘Bleeding’ Vegan Burgers at Co-Op Stores Are Incredible

The Co-operative Group, also called the Co-op, just launched “bleeding” vegan burgers in the UK.

Called Incredible Burgers, the soya-based patties are sold frozen and include beetroot juice powder, helping the food “bleed” like conventional meat burgers do.

Chickpea flour, tomato puree, onion, and sunflower oil are also included in the burgers, which contain 13 grams of protein.

The sixth-largest supermarket chain in the UK, with more than 2,500 locations, is eager to keep up with the growing demand for plant-based food. Earlier this year, it was reported that the Co-op was launching a range of vegan ready meals including vegan sausage sandwiches, BBQ jackfruit sandwiches, and BBQ pulled jackfruit with wedges. Thai-style broccoli with rice, green curry stir fry, and mushroom stroganoff are also included in the range.

Last year, the Co-op supermarkets began selling vegan bacon-flavoured crisps. Also in 2018, the Co-op’s doughnuts were named the best “accidentally vegan” product of the year. More than 30,000 votes were cast and 75 different products were nominated in the accidentally vegan category, referring to products that have no animal ingredients but are not labelled as vegan. Co-op’s jam and custard doughnuts beat out Bisto gravy and JusRol pastry for the win.

Veganism in the UK

Co-Op Launches Own-Brand ‘Bleeding’ Vegan Burgers
Vegan burgers are becoming more popular

More people than ever are ditching meat, dairy, and eggs in favour of vegan food. Over the past two years, more than a quarter of young Brits have reduced or cut their consumption of dairy. Last month, it was reported that red and processed meat intake has dropped nearly 30 percent in the UK.

Tapping into the market of people looking to eat more sustainably, healthily, and ethically but still enjoy the flavours they know and love, companies are creating vegan versions of meaty food. Major UK supermarket Iceland launched “bleeding” No Bull vegan meat patties. In August, it expanded the range further, introducing plant-based meatballs and chilli.

Supermarket chain Waitrose began selling Move Over Meat Revolution Burgers, which are made with mushrooms, onions, and pea protein and include 20 grams of protein.

This month, Moving Mountains, said to be the first to launch a “bleeding” vegan burger in the UK, announced it will serve its plant-based burger in more than 200 hospitals, schools, and universities across the country.

You can buy a two-pack of Incredible Burgers from the Co-op for £2.