Coachella to Feature Huge Line-Up of Vegan Food Vendors

Coachella to Feature Huge Line-Up of Vegan Food Vendors

Next weekend, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, a two-weekend event that features some of the most popular musical artists, returns to California’s Colorado Desert. And this year, attendees can expect plenty of vegan food during the event.

As reported by Eater LA, the official food lineup for the event will feature more than a handful of vegan options. Following the release of food vendors, the official Instagram account for the vegan food festival Eat Drink Vegan, which also curates for Coachella, posted a graphic announcing all of the vegan food vendors that would be attending both weekends. “Come for the beats but stay for the eats! ???,” the account wrote.“The vegan food & drink to @coachella is insane this year!”

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Vegan vendors for the festival include bites from Moby’s Little Pine bistro in Los Angeles; sandwiches featuring vegan meats and cheeses from Minnesota-based Herbivorous Butcher; ice cream from Van Leeuwen and Magpie’s (with perhaps an appearance of Magpie’s famous vegan Fried Pie?); noodles and vegan eggs from Los Angeles’s famed Ramen Hood; and much more.

There will also be a kombucha bar curated by GT’s Kombucha. Plant-based options at this year’s festival are so prominent, that Eater LA highlighted it as one of two major food themes, “burgers and vegan.” Attendees will not have to choose between the two, as vegan burgers will also be available from Monty’s Good Burger.

Earlier this year, Beyoncé, who has been called the voice of a generation by BBC, put “vegan” on everyone’s radar when the musical artist announced to 112 million fans that she would be sticking to a plant-based diet to prepare herself for Coachella. That diet has been powering her through the grueling 11-hour performance rehearsals leading up to the festival.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicks off on Friday, April 13th, and take place over the course of two weekends.

Image source: Coachella