Major Australian Supermarkets Coles and Woolworths Launch Vegan Feta, Cheddar Shreds, and Cheese and Crackers By MyLife

vegan cheese

Australia’s leading supermarket chains now offer even more vegan cheese options.

According to Australian animal protection organisation, Animals Australia, vegan feta by MyLife is now available at Woolworths nationwide. The Mediterranean-style, dairy-free cheese is made from non-GMO coconut oil and is said to crumble just like traditional feta.“It’s flavoursome, it’s creamy and it’s versatile – what more could you want?!,” writes the company.

MyLife vegan cheese is also now available at Coles. The nationwide supermarket offers the brand’s vegan cheddar shreds and cheese crackers. Like the feta, both nondairy cheeses are made from non-GMO coconut oil. MyLife suggests using the shreds, which melt like real cheddar, in tacos, on pizzas, and more. The company’s snack pack comes with dairy-free cheddar cheese squares and gluten-free crackers. All MyLife cheeses are vegan, soya-free, and free from palm oil.


Adding more vegan cheese to the product lineup isn’t the first instance that Woolworths, the nation’s largest supermarket chain, has increased its plant-based options. Last May, in response to rising consumer demand, the chain announced that it would add vegan options from well-known American brands, including Follow Your Heart and Tofurky, as well as award-winning “Sheese” plant-based cheese from Scotland’s Bute Island Foods. Last June, it added meatless mince from Funky Fields, which is stocked in the meat section. Last February, the Australian supermarket giant welcomed vegan low-calorie ice cream from American brand, Halo Top.

Coles has also been taking steps to cater to the demand for vegan food. Last June, the company launched a range of own-brand frozen ready meals in stores across the nation. The new range includes meal options like chili, curry, and dumplings. The following month, Coles announced plans to open 120 health-focused boutique convenience stores called Project 535, emphasising vegan options like grab-and-go meals, produce, and several other options that will be exclusive to the chain.