Bye Bye Beige – Colorful Vegan Food is set to be 2018’s Top Food Trend

A recent forecast from Packaged Facts has suggested that vegan food is set to make a big impact in 2018.

In their ’10 food trends to watch’ list, they claim that the vegan label has become a badge to look out for both for vegans and non-vegans, serving as a positive indication that a product is likely to be natural and nutritious.

The report also indicates that in 2018, color is set to be the keyword in the plant-based world, because if there is one thing vegans are not, it’s boring.

This is certainly reflected in the diverse range of ingredients set to be served up in meat-and-dairy-free dishes in the new year. As wonderful as they remain, we’re not just talking about our age-old friends the standard, but classically tasty, potato or the likes of kale and spinach anymore.

Bringing a splash of gold, turmeric is set to seize popularity along with the violet beauty that is the fig, not simply due to its color but for the flavour and texture it can add to both savoury and sweet recipes.

Pistachio is also set to take off, the nut is a great source of protein and of course, it offers a beautiful tone of exotic light green to a variety of dishes. What’s more, Pepper is increasingly being used to replace the household staple of salt. The colour black from using cracked pepper is said to indicate to the taster a strong and delicious flavour is about to pass their lips.

The forecast also stated that new colorful options in meat imitation products are set to become a trendy way of getting your protein, with bright beefsteak tomato and shades of shiitake making their way into veggie burgers and bacon alternatives.

Roll on 2018 we say, it certainly looks set to be the bright new year of the vegan.