This Company Will Pay You to Eat A Lot of Vegan Bacon

This Company Will Pay You $10,000 to Eat A Lot of Vegan Bacon

Swedish food-tech start-up the Raging Pig Co is seeking a “Professional Vegan Bacon-ifier.” The company will pay one lucky candidate “a fixed salary of $10.000” to eat the brand’s vegan bacon seasoning for 30 days.

In the job listing posted to its website, Raging Pig Co notes its R&D department is seeking a new “open-minded,” “generous,” and “forward-thinking” team member to “play a crucial role in the guilt-free bacon revolution.”

The hired applicant’s main role is to “baconify everything you put in your mouth with Raging Pig’s Vegan Bacon Seasoning.”

Of course, the new role does require a number of key qualifications. These include being an expert at having an appetite, an ability to see “the bigger picture,” and staying motivated throughout repetitive tasks.

Ideal candidates must also have “a general understanding or willingness to learn about, and respect, human-, animal-, and Mother Nature’s rights.

The job description also includes a handful of humorous “essential duties.”

These include cooking food, eating food when hungry, and not eating food when full. Sprinkling Raging Pig Co.’s vegan bacon seasoning on food is also high on the list.

And if the job couldn’t get any better, it’s remote. It offers flexible hours, features an “unreasonably high salary” (hello that $10,000), offers a lifetime discount on all Raging Pig Co.’s products, and a free Raging Pig limited edition cape. Just make sure you apply before August 1.

This Company Will Pay You $10,000 to Eat A Lot of Vegan Bacon
The Raging Pig Co wants to hire a new experienced “bacon-ifier.” | Raging Pig Co.

Saving the Pigs

According to the start-up, approximately 1.5 billion pigs die each year in the factory farming industry.

Farm animal welfare organization Compassion in World Farming says pigs are the most common mammal farmed for their meat. The slaughter age is usually around six months.

Outside of the factory farm, domesticated pigs can live to 15 to 20 years of age.

The Raging Pig Co was founded in order to help reduce the number of pigs that are slaughtered each year.

The start-up’s vegan bacon seasoning features a variety of herbs and spices. It’s also free of preservatives, gluten, GMO, cholesterol, and soy.

Svin Grisón, Raging Pig Co’s CMO, told LIVEKINDLY the company hopes to make plant-based food a standard alternative among people looking for “healthy, delicious, animal and planet-friendly food.

“By merging plant-based food with activism we aim to break new grounds in the plant-based revolution. A plant-based lifestyle brand for Generation WHY if you will. Inspired by brands such as Oatly and Liquid Death we want to divide the crowd and make people stop for a few seconds and think about things,” Grisón added.