The Complete Guide to LUSH’s Vegan Easter Products

The Complete Guide to LUSH’s Vegan Easter Products

Lush has had a big year already. In January, the cruelty-free and vegetarian beauty brand opened its first plastic packaging-free (“naked”) store in the UK. In February, it made vegan protein shampoos designed to protect and strengthen hair out of aquafaba, the viscous liquid found in cans of chickpeas. For Valentine’s Day, the company released x-rated vegan bath bombs (see: Lush’s “steamy” aubergine bath bomb, and its ylang-ylang bubble bar, shaped like the number six, or nine).

To mark its 30-year anniversary, the anti-animal-testing brand is soon releasing 54 bath bombs, and to top it all off, Lush announced this month that it would finally remove eggs from all of its products, replacing them with plant-based ingredients like silken tofu, soy yogurt, and aquafaba.

Never one to miss out on a holiday though, Lush is embracing the upcoming bunny season with the launch of an Easter bath range. It includes bath bombs, lip scrubs, and shower oils and the collection is entirely vegan.

“With 2019 set to be the year of the vegan, going on the hunt for vegan Easter eggs might be the first thought that comes to mind when considering gift ideas. While we know there are some tasty dairy-free alternatives out there, spring isn’t just about chocolate,” Lush writes on its website. “It’s about rejuvenating, and refreshing, and what better way to do so than with uplifting suds and soaks.”

Here is everything you need to know about Lush’s vegan Easter products.

The Complete Guide to LUSH’s Vegan Easter Products

1. Golden Egg

This vegan golden egg will leave your skin soft and smooth

This golden (vegan) egg is “shimmeringly sensual.” With organic cocoa butter and almond oils, it will moisturize your skin, making it feel super soft. Lush’s glittery products won’t harm the planet either; the company traded out mica-based pigments for a synthetic version last year.

Find it here.

2. Beak Street

Beak Street has plant-based ingredients and sweet and spicy scents

Perfect for those without a tub, this “shower bomb” – a pocket-sized bomb that softens and fizzes when it touches water – has sweet and spicy scents. Lush explains, “Sweep the custard-coloured foam all over your skin to lavish in the moreish fragrance of buttery popcorn while maize flour gently exfoliates.” Well, we’re sold.

Find it here.

3. Dragon’s Egg

This vegan bath bomb shoots sherbet lemon “fire”

Are dragons Easter-orientated? They are to Lush, and we’re so onboard with that. This dragon egg bath bomb leaves golden flames shooting across your bath when it fizzes (you know, like a dragon’s fiery breath). The sherbet lemon fire is accompanied by bergamot oils and soothing jasmine absolute, so it’s not all adrenaline. As a bonus, you can purchase this bath bomb in a 100 percent recycled card gift box which has a green dragon curled around its egg.

Find it here.

4. Bunny Bomb Bomb

Lush sells vegan bath bombs shaped like bunnies

Brazilian orange oil, ho wood oil, and bergamot oil make this product more than just a cute AF pink bunny-shaped bath bomb. It will leave you with a spring in your step, according to Lush. Plus, it includes popping candy to introduce another layer of sensation.

Find it here.

5. Free Ranger

Sweet orange peel scents come from this vegan product

This bath bomb allows you the choice of top or bottom, or maybe both! It features blackcurrant absolute and bergamot oil, that has a slight sweet orange peel scent with a touch of floral. Lush encourages users to try this product for some “well-deserved roost and re-coop-eration.”

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6. Carrot

The plant-based shower oil is free from palm oil

This vegan shower oil, free from sulfate and palm oil, features hydrating Fair Trade cocoa butter and shea butter. Thanks to its cold-pressed carrot seed oil and fresh carrot extract in sunflower oil, bathers will receive vitamins E and A, protecting and softening the skin. The shower oil smells like Caledonian sandalwood and grapefruit and can be used as a cleanser or as an extra layer of hydration after soap or shower gel. Get washing!

Find it here.

7. Rose Bombshell Egg

The cruelty-free Rose Bombshell Egg contains actual rose petals

Self love 101: buy this seriously sweet rose bombshell egg and enjoy it all on your own. It also makes for a great Easter gift. These two bath bomb halves – tied together with raffia – are filled with actual dried rose petals and sea salt. Your senses will be treated to milky-soft water and the smell of rose oil from Turkish fields.

Find it here.

8. Dinosaur Fun Egg

These vegan bath bombs have small dinosaurs inside

Easter bunnies and chickens not your cup of tea? No problem. Lush has you covered with its stegosaurus and brontosaurus Fun Eggs. These bath bombs allow you to hatch your very own little dinosaur whilst bringing popping candy, peach, and strawberry to your bath time experience (seems worthy to call it an experience when fizzing, crackling, and small dinosaurs are involved).

Find it here and here.

9. Cream Egg

Lush’s plant-based cream eggs smell like mint chocolate

These vegan cream eggs look and smell so good you’ll want to eat them (but like, don’t). In two styles which both smell like mint chocolate, you can enjoy the Yellow, Blue, and Pink version or the Blue and Pink – or get both! Your skin will be toned, your mood refreshed, and as the Fair Trade organic cocoa and shea butter melts, you’ll feel truly egg-cellent.

Find it here and here.

10. Bunny Butter Cheeks

This cruelty-free product contains two bath bombs

This too-cute-to-pass-up gift box is the cheeky present you’ve been looking for. The bunny is made with recycled card and its cheeks are filled with two sweet cocoa butter bath bombs that help to replenish dry, sensitive, or irritated skin. The set is tied with recycled polyester ribbon.

Find it here.

11. Lamb Bomb Bomb

The vegan Lamb Bomb Bomb makes bath water milky blue

Lush’s vegan Lamb Bomb Bomb delivers more than just major “aww” factor and “sheep thrills.” Sink into warm, milky blue water with cocoa absolute and peppermint oil that leaves skin replenished thanks to protein-rich soybean flour.

Find it here.

12. Chick Fun Egg

This vegan bath bomb has a chick inside that can be used as soap

Spread those wings! This Chick Fun Egg will have you feeling light and alive. Peppermint and geranium, fizzing popping candy, and a tiny baby bird inside, what more could you ask for? You can play with the chick (yes really, you do you), or use it to wash your skin.

Find it here.

13. Carrot Cake

Lush’s cruelty-free Carrot Cake polishes and hydrates lips

Have your cake and eat it too with this carrot cake lip scrub. This scrub, that boasts a maple syrupy flavor, will give you “soft scrumptious” lips, according to Lush. It features caster sugar, sea salt, and Fair Trade organic cinnamon powder that helps polish the lips, and toasted hazelnut oil and organic shea butter from Ghana that provides hydration. Instead of using lanolin, which comes from sheep’s wool, this product contains orange peel wax as a vegan alternative.

Find it here.

14. Volcano

Volcano is vegan and contains popping candy

We don’t really know why this volcano bath bomb is in the Easter category, but it is, and you know what? We’re down. Not only does this product turn bath time into having-a-blast time with popping candy and zingy tangerine and fennel, but it was designed to be made into a volcano toy, too. Construct a volcano at the bottom of your empty bathtub with the bottom few colors of the stick (which are mouldable), leaving a hole at the top. Add the bath bomb pieces inside and as you fill up the tub, warm water runs into it and “lava” fizzes and bursts from the volcano. Easter gifts have been taken to the next level.

Find it here.

15. Bunny Fun Egg

The cruelty-free Bunny Fun Egg contains sweet geranium

Sweet geranium, rejuvenating peppermint, and popping candy will have you hopping right into Easter with this Bunny Fun Egg. As with the other styles, you can use the mouldable bunny as a body cleanser or you can mould it into something new. Let the games begin!

Find it here.

16. Coco Sugar Scrub

These vegan body scrubs are made with Fair Trade ingredients

This body scrub is available in two styles: vanilla and cocoa. The vanilla version contains softening sugar, vanilla absolute, and organic virgin coconut oil, leaving skin feeling soft and dewy. The cocoa style will make your bath smell like a cup of hot chocolate (which we didn’t know we needed until now). It contains granulated sugar and aloe vera extract to soothe skin. Its Fair Trade cocoa butter is sourced from the Communidad de Paz de San Jose de Apartado, a north-western Colombian community committed to peace among conflict. The vanilla body scrub gets its coconut flour from Simeulue, an Indonesian island in Sumatra. Here, people are fighting plans for a palm oil factory – and by default, deforestation – by proving that coconut harvesting is a more sustainable source of income.

Find it here and here.