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Vegan Easter eggs make hopping into the holiday spirit easier than ever.

The season of bunnies, flower festooned bonnets, and of course, chocolate, is officially upon us. The countdown to April 21 has begun and for those who’ve given up chocolate for Lent, the annual feast day probably can’t come soon enough.

Combining chocolate and eggs, a pagan symbol of new life and fertility, the ancient holiday is perhaps the most unvegan sounding of celebrations. However, thanks to the increasing number of people turning vegan in recent years, the plant-based chocolate market has grown considerably. Ditching dairy no longer means missing out on Easter indulgence or forgoing a proper Easter egg. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here is our ultimate guide to vegan Easter eggs in the UK.

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17 Top Vegan Easter Eggs in the UK

1. Moo Free

Original Organic Vegan Egg | image/Moo Free

Created by Mike and Andrea Jessop, all of Moo Free’s products are organic and made with fair-trade cocoa. The multi award-winning, family-owned business uses high quality, natural ingredients in its creations and holds a focus on being environmentally friendly.

Its factories send no waste to landfills and none of its chocolates use animal products. Because Moo Free manufactures its items from raw ingredients in its own factories, it can assure its customers that all of its goods are free from gluten and soya.

Sea salt and caramel Easter eggs, “Bunnycomb” eggs, Rosie Rabbit chocolate bars, and “Cheeky Orange” Easter eggs are all on offer.

Its products are stocked at leading retailers including ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, and Waitrose. You can also buy them online.

2. Kinnerton

Free From Just Chocolate | image/Kinnerton

Founded in 1978, Kinnerton is a “child’s chocolate dreamland,” according to its website. Its products – which include Easter Eggs, chocolate bars, and advent calendars, are made in a “pioneering” nut-free environment. The company doesn’t use any artificial flavour additives.

Though not a vegan brand, the company introduced a vegan range to make sure it offers treats “that everyone can enjoy,” like its Delicious Smooth & Dark Chocolate Egg & Bar.

Kinnerton’s Easter chocolate can be purchased at Sainsbury’s.

3. Hotel Chocolat

The Complete Vegan Guide to Easter Eggs
Hotel Chocolat Vegan Soft-Boiled Egg | Image/Hotel Chocolat

For people who take their chocolate very seriously, Hotel Chocolat sells a few vegan Easter delicacies. The top pick is its Soft-Boiled Egg, which is comprised of a dark chocolate egg decorated with white vegan chocolate, cunningly decorated to look like its suffered an eggy mishap. The egg is not too expensive at £10 and keeps things eco-friendly with its compostable packaging. Its Hard-Boiled Easter Egg is also vegan, comprised of 100 percent dark chocolate with almonds, raisins, and Gianduja hazelnuts. Other vegan options include the Gianduja pralines, a mint chocolate egg, dark chocolate City Bunnies, and Rabbert the dark chocolate rabbit.

4. Sainsbury’s Free From

The Complete Vegan Guide to Easter Eggs
Vegan Strawberry & White Chocolate Egg | Image/Sainsbury’s

This British supermarket, founded in 1869, is getting fruity with a vegan white chocolate and strawberry egg. Not only is this £3.50 egg from Sainsbury’s Deliciously Free From range a fetching shade of pastel pink, it also contains real chunks of freeze-dried strawberry.

Not one to limit itself to a single offering, Sainsbury’s stocks seven vegan Easter eggs this year, including items from Moo Free and Kinnerton’s.

5. Buttermilk

Vegan Choc Orange Egg | Image/Buttermilk

For a more luxurious “eggsperience,” this Cornwall-based confectionery company makes vegan eggs in flavours Choc Orange and Choc Honeycomb. Buttermilk typically produces non-vegan fudge, honeycomb, and brittle, but launched the animal-free Easter treats in an effort to be more inclusive.

“We’ve introduced a delicious chocolate alternative egg to our collection, free from dairy, gluten and wheat so everyone can enjoy a treat this Easter,” it wrote online.

Both the Easter eggs are decorated with dairy-free white chocolate. They contain cocoa butter, rice flour, and soy, and are certified by the Vegan Society.

You can buy Buttermilk’s dairy-free Easter eggs from Sainsbury’s for £6 each.

6. Chococo

The Complete Vegan Guide to Easter Eggs
Vegan Chocolate Egg | Image/Chococo

This Dorset-based chocolate company offers eight plant-based Easter treats, including “Vera the Vegan Easter Hen.” For those who would find eating a vegan chocolate chicken just a bit too confusing, a gorgeous alternative is Chococo’s Madagascan Vegan Milc Chocolate Egg, which retails at £18.50. Made from cashew nuts, this large egg is perfect for vegans who prefer their chocolate on the lighter side.

7. Tesco Free From

The Complete Vegan Guide to Easter Eggs
Tesco Finest Vegan Salted Caramel Easter Egg | Image/Tesco

The UK’s largest supermarket chain has been one of most accommodating when it comes to stocking and developing plant-based groceries, so naturally, it stocks five vegan Easter eggs.

Three of the eggs are from Moo Free, whilst the other two are released under Tesco’s free from brand. Costing £6.50 for a sizeable 200g egg, Tesco’s own eggs come in salted caramel or decadent Belgian dark chocolate flavours.

8. Melt

The Complete Vegan Guide to Easter Eggs
Melt Vegan Strawberry Chocolate Egg | Image/Melt

This specialist chocolate shop based in London’s Notting Hill handcrafts all of its chocolatey wares from fresh ingredients. Its bespoke strawberry egg is made with 70 percent dark chocolate, freeze-dried strawberries, and passion fruit. An especially nice touch is that the artisanal egg is filled with vegan confectionery in the old school style. At £29.99, this is the sort of Easter egg one gives as a very fancy present. Of course, we all deserve to treat ourselves now and then.

9. Montezuma’s

The Complete Vegan Guide to Easter Eggs
Montezuma’s Like No Udder Button Egg | Image/Montezuma’s

Founded in the year 2000, this UK chocolate specialist listened to market demand by launching its own vegan chocolate range, magnificently named “Like No Udder.” The range includes a light chocolate Easter egg costing £9.99 which also comes with a bag of vegan chocolate buttons. Its Montezuma Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs are available at Holland & Barrett.

10. Moser-Roth

The Complete Vegan Guide to Easter Eggs
Moser Roth Organic Dark Chocolate Egg & Hazelnut Truffles | Image/Moser Roth

The discount supermarket chain, formed from two German companies, is better known for its amusingly named tinned goods and stocking power tools alongside toilet roll. However, one should never judge a retail outlet by its store layout. For 2019, Aldi has come up trumps with a luxury vegan Easter egg costing £4.99. The dark chocolate egg is part of Aldi’s Moser-Roth chocolate range and comes with Ferrero Rocher-style hazelnut truffles.

11. Mummy Meagz

The Complete Vegan Guide to Easter Eggs
Vegan Creme Egg | Image/Mummy Meagz

Founded in 2003, Mummy Meagz has made a fully vegan version of the classic cream egg. Both gluten- and soy-free, the dark chocolate eggs are filled with sticky vegan fondant coloured to resemble the white and yolk of a raw chicken egg. As well as being deliciously vegan, Mummy Meagz’s cream egg happens to be twice the size of the Cadbury version.

A box of six (because who only wants a single cream egg?) costs £22.95 and is available to buy on Mummy Meagz’s website.

12. Chocolates by Eloise

Dairy-free Easter Egg | Image/Chocolates by Eloise

Chocolates by Eloise makes high quality, artisan luxury chocolate by hand. The company’s Extra Dark Chocolate With Ginger & Lemongrass is vegan, featuring 72 percent cocoa solids which are sustainably sourced from across the world. The eggs are decorated by hand using a golden shimmer and are available in three sizes, so there’s one for any level of sweet tooth.

13. Divine

Vegan Five-Egg Combo | Image/Divine

Can’t decide on your favourite flavour? Now you don’t have to. Divine offers a vegan five-egg combo that includes tangy raspberry, ginger and orange, rich 70 percent dark, smooth dark with pink Himalayan salt, and hazelnut praline.

The company uses high quality ingredients; it’s eggs contain 60 to 70 percent cocoa and Divine supports cocoa farmers in Ghana by offering them shares in the company. Divine doesn’t use palm oil, artificial flavours, or soya in its recipes.

You can purchase Divine’s 5-Egg Flight of Flavours Dark at Ocado.

14. So Free

Dairy-Free White Chocolate | Image/So Free

If you’re after something a little healthier this year, you might like So Free’s Finest Dark Chocolate. It includes no added sugar – with sweetener xylitol in its place – making the egg’s sugar count just 1g per 100g. It consists of 72 percent cocoa dark chocolate and includes a sharing bag as well as the egg.

Not a fan of dark chocolate? So Free, a brand under vegan food manufacter Plamil Foods, also makes organic white chocolate Easter eggs, using rice milk instead of dairy.

As a brand that keeps the planet in mind as well as public health, So Free produces its chocolate with 100 percent renewable energy.

15. Booja Booja

Vegan Easter Egg With Truffles | Image/Booja Booja

Booja Booja makes its luxury dairy-free creations with just a few natural ingredients like agave syrup and almond paste. Its Easter chocolates are kept cosy in hand-painted shells made in Kashmir, India. Inside, three truffles or 12, depending on your appetite for all things chocolate. Flavours include almond and sea salt caramel, fine de champagne, and hazelnut crunch. They’re organic and free from gluten and soya.

Booja Booja’s vegan products can be purchased at Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, and Sainsbury’s. They can also be bought online.

16. Holland & Barrett Milk Chocolate Style Egg with Bunny Bar

The Complete Vegan Guide to Easter Eggs
Vegan milk chocolate egg | Image/Holland & Barrett

High street retailer Holland & Barrett carries its own dairy-free organic chocolate Easter egg. This festive treat swaps milk with rice powder for a rich, creamy taste and texture, plus it comes with a bunny-shaped bar.

17. Co-op

Co-op has dairy-free Easter eggs | image/princess_pout/Instagram

You can find “Free From” vegan chocolate Easter eggs with caramel truffles at Co-op stores across the UK. The chain also stocks vegan “Bunny Money.”

The Complete Vegan Guide to Easter Eggs
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