The Cost of Vegan Meals Is 40% Cheaper Than Meat

The Cost of Vegan Meals Is 40% Cheaper Than Meat

It appears that one myth about plant-based diets has been busted—at least in the UK. New data shows vegan meals are actually cheaper than meat and fish. And according to the research, they’re also quicker to prepare, too.

British market research firm Kantar Group collected the data, which was commissioned by the UK-based non-profit Veganuary.

The study, which came from Kantar’s usage panel, analyzed online meal diaries of roughly 11,000 Brits from the 52 weeks ending in August 2020. It showed that vegan meals cost approximately 40 percent less than their meat and fish counterparts. 

The data showed meals containing meat or fish cost about  £1.77 per person. On the other hand, plant-based meals cost 71p less at about £1.06 per person.

Research also found that vegan meals are quicker to make. On average, lunch and dinner containing meat or fish took 18.9 and 37.5 minutes to make, respectively. A plant-based lunch took just 12 minutes to make and a plant-based dinner took only 25.4 minutes.

Kantar Group’s study found the cost of vegan meals is cheaper than meat. | Adene Sanchez / iStock

Vegan Shoppers Spend Less on Groceries

In addition to the cost of vegan meals being cheaper, the study found vegan shoppers generally spend less on groceries.

Kantar’s shopper panel tracked the purchases of 30,000 British households. The research analyzed data from the 52 weeks ending September 6, 2020. It found that vegan households spent eight percent less per grocery trip, compared to their non-vegan counterparts.

The average vegan shopper spent £16.47, whereas a non-vegan shopper spent £17.91.

“This new study shows that people can protect their health, the planet, and their pocketbook with a plant-based diet,” Toni Vernelli, Veganuary’s Head of Communications, said in a press release.

Vernelli added: “While some plant-based meat and dairy substitutes carry a premium, this study shows they are only a small part of a typical vegan diet. Overall, eating plants costs less—another great reason to try vegan this January!”

Last year, more than 400,000 people from 192 countries signed up for Veganuary. The charity expects 500,000 people around the world will sign-up on its website in January 2021.