Costco Just Launched Bulk Packs of Vegan Ice Cream

Costco Just Launched Bulk Packs of Vegan Ice Cream

You can now buy bulk packs of So Delicious vegan ice cream from Costco in Canada.

According to a post in the Facebook group Toronto Vegans, the warehouse chain is now offering So Delicious Salted Caramel Cluster in packs of two.

The dairy-free ice cream is made with cashews, chocolate, and salted caramel, which is all blended together with a generous helping of cashew milk. “It’s deliciousness on a spoon,” says the So Delicious website.

Founded more than 30 years ago, the WhiteWave Foods-owned brand offers a wide variety of dairy-free frozen desserts; some are made with cashew milk, and others are made with coconut, oat, or soy. It also makes vegan yogurts, beverages, and creamers.

“We began with a desire to take dairy-free options beyond the milk aisle, and we’ve evolved into a brand that strives to do what’s good for people and the planet,” notes So Delicious on its website.

“We approach everything we do with compassion and believe that being dairy-free is about more than delicious ingredients,” it continues. It’s about thoughtful recipes, nourishment for the soul, and social and environmental responsibility.”

Vegan Food at Costco

So Delicious’ vegan Caramel Cluster ice cream is made with cashew milk | So Delicious

As a multinational retailer, Costco has a number of locations around the world with a variety of different products on offer.

In the U.S., customers can buy a 3lb tub of vegan chocolate chip cookie dough, created by San Diego-based brand EatPastry. The company posted about the launch earlier this year on Instagram. It wrote, “we have BIG news! You can get our cookie dough in BIG TUBS at select [Costco locations]! Y’all are getting the best deal of your LIFE.”

The warehouse chain also carries two-packs of vegan eggs by JUST. The plant-based eggs — which are made from mung beans — were recently spotted in a store on the West Coast of the U.S.

One of its most successful vegan food items is Don Lee Farms’ organic “bleeding” beef-like burger, which is made from beans and seeds. Last year, the store sold one million in the space of 60 days.