Costco Has That 3lb Tub of Vegan Cookie Dough You’ve Been Looking For

Costco Has That 3lb Tub of Vegan Cookie Dough You've Been Looking For

Shopping at Costco has its perks. It’s a veritable haven for vegan groceries, there are free samples, you can order healthy-ish eats at the in-store cafe, and now you can buy three-pound tubs of egg-free cookie dough. Have your spoon at the ready.

That’s thanks to vegan cookie dough brand, EatPastry. The company took to Instagram earlier this month to announce the new dairy-free chocolate chip-speckled arrival: “We have BIG news! You can get our cookie dough in BIG TUBS at select @costco! Y’all are getting the best deal of your LIFE.”

The regular tubs of EatPastry cookie dough are 14 ounces each, so the new “BIG TUBS” give you more than three times the usual amount. For now, it looks like Costco is only carrying the vegan chocolate chip flavor, but the brand has cookie dough to satisfy cravings for peanut butter, double chocolate, and snickerdoodle.

Costco Has That 3lb Tub of Vegan Cookie Dough You've Been Looking For
EatPastry vegan cookie dough is now at Costco | image/Instagram

Can You Eat Vegan Cookie Dough Raw?

Raw cookie dough is usually one of those off-limits foods of childhood, blockaded by warnings of “Don’t eat that, it has raw eggs — you’ll get salmonella!” EatPastry’s dough bakes into oven-fresh vegan cookies in ten minutes, but since it doesn’t contain eggs, it’s safe to eat raw, so you don’t have to stealthily sneak a spoonful.

The San Diego-based brand isn’t alone in making vegan cookie dough. Ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s launched ready-to-eat cookie dough bites last April. Colorado-based brand Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough offers a paleo and vegan version in three flavors — chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, and hot chocolate chip.

JUST makes chocolate chip, birthday cake, and chocolate mint flavors. Raw vegan brand Rawmio makes creamy almond butter made with dairy-free chocolate chips, coconut sugar, and maca powder for a cookie dough-like experience.

There are also vegan bars for on-the-go options. Raw Rev has a cookie dough-flavored Glo Bar. TRUWOMEN makes gluten-free cookie dough bars made with cassava flour and 12 grams of plant-based protein. Evo Hemp makes a paleo-friendly vegan cookie dough protein bar.

EatPastry’s three-pound cookie dough tubs are now available at select Costco stores.