Costco’s Sell-Out Vegan Burger Is Now In 8,000 Supermarkets

Costco’s Sell-Out Vegan Burger Is Now In 8,000 Supermarkets

The vegan beef burger that Costco shoppers couldn’t get enough of is now available in more than 8,000 retail markets.

Last year, California-based food brand Don Lee Farms launched a vegan beef burger that closely replicates animal-based meat. The patty “bleeds” thanks to the use of beet juice and sizzles on the grill because of organic vegetable-based fats. It’s organic, gluten-free, and an excellent source of protein, according to the company.

When it arrived at Costco, where it was placed in the meat freezer section, it was purchased 1 million times in 60 days. In April 2018, Don Lee Farms announced that the product was the fastest-growing plant-based burger in its category.

Now, Don Lee Farms is bringing its Organic Plant-Based Burger to nearly 2,000 Kroger markets. It will be sold in the meat section at supermarkets like Kroger, Fry’s, Fred Meyer, and Ralphs.

In a statement, Don Lee Farms President Donald Goodman said that working with Kroger has been a priority for the company in its mission to expand “to where our customers want us to be.”

The vegan burger “bleeds” like meat | image/Don Lee Farms

“With the addition of Kroger, we are bringing the fastest growing burger of its kind to nearly 2,000 locations in the United States. With both private label and branded, we are now in over 8,000 retail markets,” Goodman said.

In January, the company announced plans to take its vegan meat patty across the globe, working to introduce it to fifteen countries in Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. “We are thrilled to be introducing these organic burgers for the first time to a global audience,” Goodman said in a statement. “We have made it our goal to bring our Organic Plant-Based Burger, along with our other popular plant-based and meat proteins, to more people than ever before.”

Goodman noted that while other plant-based meat companies talk about sustainability, many use artificial ingredients banned in some countries outside of the U.S. Don Lee Farms is “proud” to offer a “truly sustainable solution,” Goodman commented.

“Remarkably, our burger is the only successful plant-based burger to be free from ingredients not found in nature,” he said, promising that the company will continue to bring sustainable food choices to consumers around the world.

Don Lee Farms’ Organic Plant-Based Burger will be available in Kroger in May.