First CoverGirl Skincare In 60 Years Has a Secret Ingredient: Cactus Water

COVERGIRL's new skincare line, photographed next to cactus leaves

Iconic U.S. makeup brand CoverGirl has launched its first-ever skincare line.

The new range, called Clean Fresh Skincare, is vegan, cruelty-free, affordable, and thanks to hero ingredient cactus water, ultra-hydrating too.

There’s been some skin-hype around cactus water for a while now. But it’s for good reason: it’s packed full of electrolytes. These are minerals (Like potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc) that help to attract water and hydrate your skin when they are linked with another skin-identical molecule, like lactate, gluconate, or pyroglutamic acid.

Brief science lesson over, electrolytes are a big part of the reason that CoverGirl can claim its skincare line is an intense hydrator. The range offers five products right now, including a Priming Glow Mist for dehydrated skin, and a softening Weightless Water Cream. The latter includes another hydration hero: hyaluronic acid.

Other notable ingredients in Clean Fresh Skincare include meadowfoam seed oil, a moisture-sealing emollient which helps to regulate sebum, and rosewater, an antioxidant-packed anti-inflammatory, which helps to reduce any redness or puffiness in the skin.

CoverGirl’s skincare leap

Andrew Stanleick, executive vice president of CoverGirl’s parent company Coty, says that moving into skincare was a “natural evolution” for the brand. “CoverGirl is an icon in the makeup aisle, with a deep heritage in skin-forward products,” he noted. 

For 60 years, the company has offered solely makeup products, but the modern beauty market is also about what’s underneath. The global skincare industry is currently worth more than $100 billion USD, and by 2028, it’s expected to grow to more than $145 billion USD.

“We know consumers are more skin-aware than ever and want ingredient-conscious products at an accessible price point,” said Stanleick. Nothing in Clean Fresh Skincare is priced above $15.