Cruelty-Free Fashion Brand Stella McCartney Participates in Worldwide Ocean Clean-Ups

Cruelty-Free Fashion Brand Stella McCartney Participates in Worldwide Ocean Clean-Ups

In honor of World Oceans Day last Friday, sustainable fashion designer Stella McCartney promoted beach and river cleanups around the globe. Its London-based employees participated in a clean-up at the Thames River; all of the recyclable rubbish collected will be turned into fashion products.

“Plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans has become an increasingly urgent issue: we are hopeful that by raising awareness and inspiring people to get involved in environmental movements, we can begin a positive chain effect that will result in change for the better,” the brand wrote online. Additionally, the company said that international cleanups are effective ways to unite local communities and “collectively act on a shared love of the environment.”  

The company’s clean-up at the Thames was a partnership with environment-focused charity Thames21.“All of the recyclable rubbish we collect will be innovatively recycled into adidas by Stella McCartney product.”

The Thames21 charity removes litter, restores habitats for wildlife, improves water quality, reduces flood risk, trains and educates thousands of people, and completes research to benefit the 400-mile network of waterways.

As part of the ocean clean-up campaign, the designer brand gave out recycled and recyclable Stella-printed “Trashion bags” at selected stores around the world “to equip anyone wanting to take part in World Oceans Day clean-ups wherever you are.” 

The Stella McCartney brand pointed out the importance of the event, noting that “99% of the biosphere is housed in the oceans,” and “[e]very second breath we take is generated by the oceans.” 

The international brand was built by Stella McCartney, daughter of vegan musician Sir Paul McCartney and the late Linda McCartney, who founded the plant-based meat brand bearing her own name. Stella, a lifelong vegetarian, is renowned for her focus on ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free fashion. She does not use leather or fur in her designs and also helped create vegan silk.

“Each decision we make is a symbol of our commitment to defining what the future of fashion looks like,” the company’s mission statement reads. “We challenge and push boundaries to make luxurious products in a way that is fit for the world we live in today and the future: beautiful and sustainable.”

Image Credit: Stella McCartney