Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand Mecca Max Is Now 100% Vegan

cruelty-free cosmetics

Cruelty-free cosmetics brand Mecca Max is now vegan.

The brand made the decision after receiving an overwhelming number of requests from customers, according to the site Pedestrian. Last year, It made a similar move when it banned animal product testing.

“We knew that animal-friendly products were important to our customers,” Brand Manager, Ellie Hockley, told Pedestrian. “[I]t made complete sense for us to remove any animal derivatives or by-products from our formulations without compromising on their performance.”

Mecca Max made an official announcement to its hundreds-of-thousands of Instagram fans.

Mecca Max has amassed a significant following of customers from around the globe who are attracted to the cosmetics empire for its low price point, according to Pedestrian. Unlike some other ethically-focused brands, the large demand for Mecca Max products allows it to supply the cosmetics for an affordable price.

However, the new shift to exclusively vegan formulas will only apply to the Mecca Max own brand range — its retail outlets feature many cosmetics from over 70 external brands.

Cosmetics can contain a wide spectrum of animal-derived ingredients, from shark oil to fur and crushed beetles, known as carmine. Beeswax, among other bee products, are also prominent in everything from mascara to lip balm, which can cause problems for cruelty-free and vegan shoppers.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Going Mainstream

Mecca Max’s shift to exclusively vegan products follows hot on the tails of Milk Makeup. Already a cruelty-free brand, Milk Makeup announced its decision to go vegan in late March, it then debuted the soon-to-be iconic CBD-infused “Kush” brow gel and mascara. Further, just days ago, vegan entrepreneur, plant-based investor, and television personality Heather Mills enlightened Instagram followers that she is poised to launch the “world’s first truly vegan international cosmetics range.”