Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand Milk Goes 100% Vegan


Milk Makeup, a popular cosmetic brand, just announced its commitment to going vegan. Despite its name, the company assures that all of its products neither contain nor are tested on animals.

In the past, many of Milk’s products were vegan-friendly, and the company never tested on animals. However, a few items did contain some animal byproducts. The company successfully found cruelty-free alternatives to many of these items and eliminated those that they could not perfectly replicate with a plant-based solution.

Milk co-founder, Dianna Ruth, told PopSugar, “While we’ve always been a majority-vegan line, the shift to 100% vegan is important to us because using animal byproducts is an unnecessary practice.” She also stressed that although the formulas may have changed, the quality of their products has not.

Ruth’s business partner, co-founder Georgie Greville, said, “When we started Milk Makeup, we all had young kids, which makes you hyper-aware of all the toxicity in the world. We wanted to use healthy ingredients that we felt great about, especially if our kids got their hands on the products.” 

MILK Face The company is promoting its vegan transformation without reservations. The Milk homepage displays a bright background featuring an avocado, saying, “Did you hear the news? We’re now100% Vegan! That’s right. Every single product. Let’s celebrate.” Bestsellers include Milk’s range of nourishing skincare and smoothing foundations. The focus is on accentuating natural beauty through neutral tones and creating flawless-looking skin, all without using animal products.

There is a trend toward “going vegan” in the cosmetics industry as more consumers are demanding vegan products. Creating a vegan line is no longer enough; consumers are asking companies to make the uncompromised commitment to veganism for all of its products. Companies such as Kat Von D Beauty and Hourglass have gone vegan, and others are slowly making the transition. In the UK, one of the leading health and beauty retailers opened an entirely vegan pop-up shop.

Milk products are available in various cosmetic and apparel stores in the US, including Sephora and Urban Outfitters, as well as online. UK consumers can purchase Milk through Amazon.

Image Credit: Milk Makeup