Cruelty-Free Self-Care Secrets for When You’re Expecting

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Being pregnant is an exciting time. It’s also terrifying, tiring and transformational in more ways than one, especially when it comes to your body. It’s important to be kind yourself, to embrace the changes you are experiencing whilst acknowledging that you are more than likely going to develop a few symptoms, both good and bad.

Whether you are pregnant or not these products are awesome. They feel really luxurious to use and are all 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Cruelty-Free Self-Care Secrets for When You’re Expecting



Never underestimate the power of sleep. When you’re expecting a baby, this becomes even more important and can also be quite a struggle. What with a bump in the way, extra pressure on your back and sometimes late night fetal raves taking place in the womb, it can be difficult to relax and get comfortable.

My saving grace has been lavender oil, which I purchased from Essence of Arcadia.¬†There are a few essential oils that are potentially dangerous in pregnancy and some can even induce early labor so do be careful when considering their use. It’s best to avoid all essential oils in the first trimester but once you reach the second and third, Lavender is a literal dream – I can’t think of anything more relaxing than this scent. One drop on your pillow and a few deep breaths may be all you need to drift off. Alternatively, a drop or two in a warm bath will help to relieve any tension, aches or pains after a busy day.


Dry body brushing is my new favorite pre-shower ritual, and for that, I’ve been using Pixnor’s Wooden Dry Body Brush. Never have I ever had such soft skin in my life. To do this I apply a small amount of sweet almond oil onto a natural dry body brush and exfoliate in sweeping motions all over my body. It’s important to direct your brush towards your heart, starting at your extremities and moving inwards. It’s completely safe to brush over your belly and it will help to prevent unwanted stretch marks. It’s also fantastic for lymphatic drainage, can improve circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite – what is not to love about that?!


Most people get lucky when it comes to being pregnant. You tend to lose fewer hairs, therefore, giving the appearance of a much thicker, voluminous mane. To enhance this, I have been using Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Spray, and my goodness it is glorious! Its moisturizing and conditioning, leaving your hair free of frizz and super shiny all day. Just spray onto the lengths and ends of your washed, damp hair and leave it in to work its magic.


I had been wanting to switch from my usual drugstore deodorant to a more natural version for a long time and getting pregnant really pushed me to finally purchase one. It’s safe to say I haven’t looked back. With such simple ingredients and a cruelty free, vegan label I am safe in the knowledge that my deodorant isn’t doing me, my baby or the environment any harm. I would definitely recommend trying out Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick; I haven’t had a problem with smelling bad (it’s not sweat that smells, it’s the bacteria in your armpits) and if it is a particularly warm day or if I have overexerted on the exercise front, I just reapply – easy!


Hormones happen and during pregnancy they tend to run wild. I found that from the second trimester onwards my skin began to break out and I felt like a teenager again. That along with the increasingly dark shadows under my eyes gave me the nudge I needed to have a look into a little cover up magic.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t worn foundation since I was at school as I have freckles, my skin is sensitive and it can be both dry and greasy at the same time (I believe they call it combination skin) so I was nervous to try anything new. That was until I remembered that The Body Shop do make up – lightbulb moment. Their All-in-One BB Cream has been a life changer (too much?) and it is part of their vegan range. Seriously though, the coverage is so light it doesn’t look like you’re wearing any make up, gives you a dewy glow and a ‘well rested’ facade. After using it for about a month my skin has cleared up and people keep telling me how well I look instead of giving me their sympathy. I love it.

So there you have it. I have so much faith in all of the products I have mentioned. I hope this gives you some inspiration for some self care/self love throughout your pregnancy. Now is the time to feel pampered as you prepare your body for birth and switching to a more natural beauty routine has really given me peace of mind.

Author: Lucy Dale Evans