3 Cruelty-Free Stocking Stuffers for Vegan Makeup Lovers

3 Cruelty-Free Stocking Stuffers for Vegan Makeup Lovers

Most of us know that one friend who’s obsessed with cruelty-free beauty (maybe you’re that person). When the holiday season rolls around, and you’re looking for something they don’t already have, what do you do? Emerging cruelty-free makeup brand Winky Lux has you covered for your vegan beauty gifting needs.

The Flower Balm goes on clear and adjusts to color that’s unique to you.

1. The Flower Balm

Co-founders Natalie Mackey and Nathan Newman founded Winky Lux in New York City in 2015. Both new to the beauty industry, they built their brand by keeping up with the latest beauty trends. The flagship product, the Flower Balm, is a lip stain that features a real flower suspended in its completely transparent center. Despite the clear appearance, the Flower Balm adjusts to every body’s natural pH-level, so it looks different on every person. Beauty editors at Allure learned that the colors complement multiple skin tones, too.

Not only is it cruelty-free, but it’s also free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Tanya Kulesh, Director of Digital Marketing for Winky Lux tells LIVEKINDLY that this is important because she takes skincare “very seriously.

She adds, “Part of it is my European upbringing and part some of the horror stories that I have heard throughout the years, but toxins and products that are being tested on animals aren’t appealing to me at all.

2. Shimmer & Shine

Winky Lux has three vegan makeup gift sets available for the holidays. Kulesh says that each kit contains “Joy, magic, fun, innovative formulas and eye-catching packaging that stand out in a sea of beauty minimalism.”

Winky Lux embraces sparkle all year round and its holiday kits are a marriage between the brand’s aesthetic and holiday glimmer.

The Holiday Bloom Ornament comes with the limited edition Winky Lux Red Flower Balm, which goes on clear and stains lips with a hint of a classic red. The set comes in a capsule flecked with gold. It can be reused as an ornament or as a case for your Flower Balm.

Some prefer their makeup to always have a little bit of sparkle. For that, there’s the Holiday Cheers Ornament, which features the best-selling Rosé Glimmer Balm. The color-changing balm that gives you a natural shade of pink with a hint of golden glimmer. It also comes in a sparkly, reusable capsule.

For a pop of holiday color, there’s the Merry Matcha Kit, which features two vegan tinted lip balms in red and warm, pink-ish brown. They include green tea extract to protect your pout from winter weather and taste like peppermint and spice.

Finally, there’s the Winky Wonderland Kit, featuring a duo of the Purple Flower Balm and Lavender Confetti Balm Duo, which goes on like the Flower Balm and leaves plenty of sparkle. It comes in a mini silver makeup case.

3. For Winter Skin

Dreading the dry, flaky skin and chapped lips that come with the dry, cold weather? The Winky Lux Dream Gelee Moisturizer helps address winter woes with aloe vera and caffeine, which work together to revitalize the skin. It’s lightweight and formulated for every skin type.

The lightweight White Tea Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30 provides a sheer layer of color and protection from UV rays, which can damage the skin — even in winter. It comes in seven colors, from dark to light. Plus, white tea and pomegranate extract and vitamins A and E nourish the skin.

The In the Stars Lip Oil, which Marie Claire named as one of the best new lip products, is a clear, glossy oil packed with peptides, plus hydrating avocado, sunflower, and jojoba oils. It goes on clear with a subtle shimmer.

To learn more about Winky Lux, visit the website.

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