Customers Ask for More Vegan Menus at Hotels

A list compiled by The Good Hotel Guide has revealed that customers are increasingly expecting hotels to provide vegan menus.

On the list of top 10 complaints that customers had about hotels, there not being a menu for vegans came in at number 7. This is likely a reflection of the fast-paced change in society that is seeing the public adopt plant-based diets, a vegan lifestyle or becoming ‘flexitarian’, where people wish to consume vegan meals sometimes.

Commenting on this revelation, Adam Raphael, co-editor of The Good Hotel Guide, said to the Daily Mail, ‘There are lots of vegetarians and hotels take care to provide for them. There are also people with allergies. But now the complaint is not enough vegan dishes on menus.’

However, it appears that top hotels are not keeping up with the demand. Although many big companies are choosing to give people vegan options, whether it be supermarkets, famous brands, or even holiday providers, it appears that the hotel industry is failing.

Veganism is becoming something openly talked about in mainstream media and is no longer associated purely with small groups in society. If the hotel industry wants to keep customers, it’s likely it’ll soon have to change its approach and begin offering a wider range of foods that meet all dietary requirements.