11 Adorable Animals in Santa Hats That You Need to See Today

Who doesn’t love a good dose of all thing Christmas or four hours of cute animal videos? C’mon, it’s 2 am, you can’t sleep – we’ve all been there…

Better yet, why not combine the two?

What are you left with? Adorable pictures of animals wearing Santa hats. What’s not to like about that?

While there are many more pictures of this kind, we’ve kept this compilation to the best 11 – just enough to brighten your day and sprinkle that extra merry into your step.

Yes, you can thank us later.

11 Cute Animals In Santa Hats That You Need To See Today

1. Sheep in Santa Hat

Baaaa! This cutie is getting festive.

2. Goat in Santa Hat

We kid you not, even goats love the holiday season!

3. Cat in Santa Hat

If your Christmas and chill party is usually for one – be alone no longer, this kitty will make a purrfect addition to your snackfest.

4. Dog in Santa Hat

See, this wee pupper is even smiling! (It’s a sign of love).

5. Chicken in Santa Hat

If you never thought the day would come to see a white, fluffy chicken wearing a Santa costume – you were wrong.

6. Cow in Santa Hat

Moo-ve over Father Christmas, there’s a new Santa in town!

7. Guinea Pig in Santa Hat

He’s going to be guinea pigging out this yuletide.

8. Piglet in Santa Hat

We’re not crying, you’re crying…

9. Horses in Santa Hats

C’mon guys, quit horsing around…

10. Owl in Santa Hat

“Owl not stand for this festive nonsense!”

11. Bearded Dragon in Santa Hat

This sweetheart loves that Christmas life so much, he even has a Santa beard to go with the teeny hat!

Image Credit: dadislearning | cutenessoverload | edenshill | catster | berniesiegelmd | dadislearning | sheknows | justamorous | petpiggies | horsegroomingsupplies | sawyoo | sourced via pinterest