Is Daily Harvest’s Frozen Food Really Better For You?

We’ve all been there. You’re pouring so much energy into the daily grind that nourishing your body comes second to convenience. So how do you feed yourself healthy, tasty meals every day when you’re always feeling rushed? The answer could soon be right on your doorstep. Daily Harvest delivers nourishing, delicious 100 percent plant-based food right to your door, helping busy people enjoy healthy food without a second thought. They work directly with farmers to pick fruits and vegetables at their nutritional peak. All of the ingredients are frozen within hours of harvest to lock in nutrients and keep the flavor found at peak ripeness.

Humans have been freezing food to preserve it for decades. It was actually a certain Mr. Clarence Birdseye who popularized the idea in North America in the 1920s after he spent time with indigenous Canadian Inuits (the real pioneers of the frozen-food era). They froze their fish immediately after catching, when they cooked it, it still tasted fresh. A miracle? Nope, just basic science.

Daily Harvest’s recipes are formulated by chefs.

Is All Frozen Food Good For You?

Since then, we’ve seen the rise of frozen everything: pizzas, burgers, French fries, you name it. Frozen fruits and vegetables are widely available too, but when it comes to these types of foods, many of us still think fresh is best. And it is—if you eat it as soon as a vegetable or fruit has been picked. But how many of us have access to orchards and farms? The food we consume—whether purchased from a grocery store or farmers’ market, is days, sometimes weeks (even months) old. Fresh fruits and vegetables begin to lose moisture as soon as they are harvested; this means they start to deteriorate pretty much right away.

Eating freshly picked food just isn’t possible for most of us all of the time. Freezing helps to ensure all the fresh, nutritious goodness—like antioxidants, vitamins, and even flavor—stays locked in the food until you’re ready to eat.

But, it’s important to note, not all fruits and vegetables are frozen equally. Many of the products in the freezer aisle are hyper-processed, hyper-refined, and chock full of additives and preservatives. All of Daily Harvest’s recipes are formulated by chefs and nutritionists who ensure all of the food is made without gluten, preservatives, fillers, refined sugar, or anything artificial.

Its frozen strawberries have 36 percent more beta carotene than their three-day-old fresh counterpart. Its blueberries have 200 percent more vitamin C and its cauliflower retains 50 percent more antioxidants.

“Daily Harvest has created what food can be in the future,” the brand notes in a press release. “When done right, frozen offers the perfect solution for those with busy lives – more convenience, superior nutrients and flavor, and less waste.”

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the average American family throws out an estimated 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy. About 40 percent of the food produced in America each year is never eaten, so the resources used to produce that food—water, fuel for transportation, packaging—is also wasted. When you consider that six percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by food waste, this becomes a pretty important selling point for buying frozen.

Buying frozen foods could make a dramatic impact on food waste. By farm freezing all of its ingredients, Daily Harvest produces almost zero waste from farm to kitchen.

Daily Harvest works directly with farms to source its ingredients.

75 Plant-Based Options to Choose From

After working with farms to source nourishing ingredients, all of which are frozen within 24 hours of harvest to lock in nutrients and flavor, Daily Harvest’s in-house chefs come in to create some delicious magic for your palate. Whatever the craving, dietary preference, or time of day, with 75 options available, there will be something for you.

When you’re ready to eat, Daily Harvest recipes take just one step to prep. All you need to do is blend, soak, or heat according to the instructions.

For breakfast, its refreshing oat bowls just need soaking (or heating, it’s up to you). Like all of its other meals, they’re ready to eat within minutes and there’s barely any mess. Try the Mulberry + Dragon Fruit. There are also chia bowls, including Vanilla Bean + Apple and Chocolate + Almond flavors, and smoothies too.

For lunch and dinner, choose from harvest bowls, soups, and flatbreads. Try its Broccoli + Cheeze Harvest Bowl with an Artichoke + Spinach Flatbread. Just that meal alone will give you 18 grams of dietary fiber and 23 grams of protein, as well as a boost of calcium, iron, and potassium.

Still hungry? Dessert options include a range of plant-based ice creams, called Scoops. Try Vanilla + Salted, Swirled Black Sesame, or for something fruity try Strawberry + Rich, Rippled Berry Compote. They also offer a range of ready-to-eat Bites in a variety of delicious flavors (hello, Cacao Nib + Vanilla).

Delivery is flexible and you can choose how many meals you want to receive in a box and how often. If you change your mind, you can switch up your delivery date, skip a week, or add more options to your personalized box. It’s up to you. And according to the brand’s mission statement, it’s also for you: “At Daily Harvest, we believe that by eating more nourishing, whole fruits and vegetables every day, people will not only feel their best but be their best. We take care of food, so that food can take care of you.”

Ready to give it a try and make Daily Harvest’s frozen meals central to your healthy eating habits? See here for more info. For $25 off your first box, use the code LIVEKINDLY. Go on, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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