Dairy-Free Creamy Chocolate Roulade With Vegan Chocolate

My sweet tooth and I are so grateful that these days, the vegan baking world is so rich and plentiful that you can literally find a substitute for almost anything. Butter, eggs, cream, milk, honey… I could go on!

One of the bakes I missed the most from my omni life is the roulade. It’s so rich, decadent, and impressive. It’s comforting and also sophisticated. Roulade offers the best of both worlds.

That airy sponge with a creamy filling and a prefect spiral is a beautiful centerpiece at any dinner party. When I have guests over, you can pretty much guarantee I’ll serve one of these. I may as well have committed the recipe to memory at this point.

I’ve browsed the web for long, long hours and haven’t found a version that really satisfied me, so I decided to give it a go myself. I’m happy with my version and love to experiment with flavors. Sometimes I’ll add freeze dried raspberry powder or cinnamon to the filling – cater to the seasons.

Now, this would not be a technically classic roulade as the perfect fluffy vegan sponge that rolls without cracking is yet to be invented – if anyone knows of one, let me know! But you can still get that beautiful spiral with a creamy filling and the most amazing taste.

If you’re more of a white chocolate fan, replace the vegan chocolate with vegan white chocolate. It works well.

Before you begin, keep in mind that this cake requires time to properly chill, so make sure to make it at least half a day in advance. It’s totally worth it though, every step, every minute.

Pro tip, if you add extra vegan chocolate drizzle to your plate after slicing, this roulade becomes next level awesome. As you can see in the video, I added strawberries to bring that fresh, naturally sweet, palate cleanser in between bites of the roulade. They also make a great aesthetic if you’re photographing this dish – be shameless if so.


This recipe was republished with permission from What About Cake.